Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Our first annual Easter Egg Hunt

For those of you that know Katie, know she loves to plan a party.  Each year, all of Matt's friends get together to have an Easter Egg Hunt with all their kids.  Katie has talked about this for years and even wanted to start this tradition last year.  Emma & Evan, along with many of the other people who would have been invited, were only 5 months old at the time so I convinced her to wait a year.  That brings us to this year and Katie finally getting to have her Easter Egg Hunt.  I made some cute little invitations one day at work.  Yes, I still have time for fun things like that while working.  We decided on the Saturday after Easter in hopes that most people's family gatherings would be over and they would be able to come.  All but one of the kids invited showed up.  The one that didn't come was camping with his grandparents that weekend.  We forgave him this time! :)  We decided to have it at my parents new house...or my grandparents house.  We still aren't sure what to call the new house.  It will always be MaMa & PaPa's.  Thankfully that is my parents names too now! :)  We would have never imagined that would have turned out to be moving weekend for them.  Anyways...it worked out great.  The weather was perfect.  It was around 60 degrees by the time everyone got there and was close to 70 when people left.  That is my kind of weather!!  Here are a couple pictures of the food tables and decorations.  
Here are a few pictures of the tables and our decorations.  I thought it turned out pretty good!!

Donuts and sausage balls...

More of the table decorations...

Yogurt bar with fruit, granola, & sprinkles...

Drink table

Cute, Cute, Cute!!!

Once people started arriving...we just stood around and talked waiting for all the others.  Then, we ate and it was time to start hunting the eggs.  Our plan was to have the eggs hid before everyone got there but that didn't happen.  Thankfully my wonderful mom hid the eggs while we all ate.  The it was time for the egg hunt.  Here are a couple pictures of that. 
My sweet girl playing with Brantley's shovel.

Brantley Crisp

Bennett and Brantley digging...while Warren watched!

Colby telling Emma hey while Evan watched.  He's already keeping track of the boys Emma talks too.  What a great big brother he is going to be!!

And they are off....

Colby enjoying the eggs his momma just sat him down in. 

Brantley, April, Jacob, Carter, & Angela

Kayla, Lillianna, Meg, Warren, Bennett, & Carter

Emma, Evan, Aunt Katie, KG, Patton, & me

KG, Patton, & Emma

Lillianna is a little explorer just like Evan! 

Aunt Katie & Evan looking at all of Evan's eggs!
And of course we tried for a group picture.  It is funny to see all the different faces and how impossible is it to get toddlers to take good pictures. 

We are already looking forward to our 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt and some different things we can do.  We are also excited that our group will have grown quite a bit by next year.  We are so blessed to have such a close group of friends that all have kids the same age as Emme & Evan.  We plan to have lots of fun with these little guys over the 18 years and past...if they let us!! :)

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