Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

This past weekend we celebrated Easter.  What a great time to celebrate our Risen Savior and the sacrifice He made for us. We started our day with a visit from the Easter Bunny.  He brought Emma & Evan all kinds of fun things.  They got a bubble machine and LOTS of bubbles, play dough, sidewalk chalk, washable paint, some books, and a cute little Easter shirt.  They actually wore it a few days early to their preschool Easter Egg Hunt, which you'll see in pictures below...but it was supposed to be an Easter gift...so it went in the basket too!  We then got ready and headed to church.  There were over 30 people in Sunday School and that wasn't including Matt & Katie.  They had to teach this past Sunday.  I thought that was an awesome number.  Then, we headed to preaching.  After church momma & daddy left to head home and get dinner started.  Katie & Matt were eating at Emerald Gardens with Matt's grandma so they took a quick picture with us and headed out.  We also got a family shot...which you will also see below!   Then it was time to head to my parent's house for lunch.  The Easter Bunny also visited my parents house and left some things for Emma & Evan.  There they got 2 new baby Eistien DVD's, a couple of books, a stuffed rabbit to go along with one of the books, and some snacks.  They are two spoiled little toddlers!!  This is just a side note...but Emma & Evan still LOVE baby Eistien movies.  They are not big TV fans.  If it is on occasionally they will stop what they are doing to watch it...but very rarely, unless you put on one of their DVD's.  They will sit there for hours watching these things.  How do I know that you might ask...well one of their DVD's had a skip in it and after it had played for about 20 minutes it would start back at the beginning.  They watch that one for at least an hour one day.  I almost just let it keep starting over to see how long they would watch it.  I didn't though!! Anyways...back to Easter... after a wonderful lunch at Momma & Daddy's we headed to Justin's family annual Easter Egg Hunt.  This was Emma & Evan's first time hunting at the event so we were excited.  They did pretty good considering they both only had maybe a 30 minute nap all day.  They even found some eggs on their own and put them in their basket.  It started raining right as we were leaving the family egg hunt...so the weather cooperated.  We then headed home for a quick supper and early bedtime.  Remember they only had about a 30 minute nap all day!!  After they were in the bed Justin and I ended our night with the last of the Bible series. Over the past 5 weeks, we have been watching the Bible series on the History channel every Sunday night.  I hated to see that series end because it became part of our Sunday night rountine.  It was a series that shared stories out of the bible from Genesis to Revelation.  From reading in the bible and stories I heard all my life...I had them pictured in my head as to how they happened.  This series changed a lot of the pictures I had.  It put the bible into real life.  This past Sunday was also mine and Justin 6th wedding anniversary.  6 whole years we have made it!  As aggrevating as he can be there isn't anyone else in this world I would rather share my life with.   Justin is a great husband and father! We're hoping for MANY more years together.  Until next time...enjoy some of our Easter pictures!!
Aunt Katie kept Emma & Evan one afternoon while I ran some errands and they made this little craft for me and Justin.  I knew Katie was up to something when she wanted me to bring them over for her to keep!  We love their little hand print bunnies though!!

Emma & Evan checking out their stuff from the Easter bunny!
And again...

and again..

Family photo!

Family photo plus Katie & Matt
Janice gave Emma & Evan a sucker for Easter.  Emma was really excited about her sucker!

Baskets from MaMa and PaPa.

Emma was still playing with that sucker!

Emma & Evan looking at their baskets!

Chubby cheeks looking at what Evan was doing!

MaMa feeding Evan his rice krispie bunny!

My sweet boy!

Emma & Evan's Easter goodies!!

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