Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oh the world we live in...

This isn't going to be a post about my sweet peas or even have tons of pictures showing them off.  This post is my thoughts on the recent tragedy in the US.  As I stand back and reflect on the events that took place Monday at the Boston Marathon...I have to wonder how much longer God is going to put up with us.  We always say we can't imagine things getting any worse and then they do.  It is so sad that you can't even go to a marathon without having to worry about bombs going off.  Now whether or not it is terrorist...they haven't determined quite yet.  I just can't wrap my mind around someone having that much hatred that they would be willing to kill innocent people.   Last night as I was reading Emma & Evan their bedtime story it was on Cain & Abel. It really hit home that hatred has been something people have dealt with since the beginning of time. Cain was so jealous of Abel and despised him that his only suitable revenge was death. To me that totally relates to the events we watch unfold yesterday. There is still so much hatred and jealousy in this world that people resort to killing.  Our story tonight was the one was about Enoch and Noah.  It was talking about all the evil in the world and how God planned to destroy it.  God promises to do that again but by fire this time and I can't help but think that time is coming soon.  I just can't imagine things being so wicked back then, to where God thought He needed to flood this Earth and destroy everything.  They HAVE to be worse now.   Again...I can't help but wonder what He thinks when he looks down and sees the things He sees us doing.  I will admit I have questioned God as to why he chose the ones he did to die in this event.  I have read numerous articles about the 8- year old boy that was killed.  This little boy had his whole life ahead of him.  I know you aren't supposed to question God and MANY times in my life I have witnessed how HE doesn't make mistakes...but is still hard to understand.  Even though this happened in Boston, our little town of Ninety Six & Greenwood are making a new name for themselves.  It is BAD when Greenwood has a higer crime rate than Spartanburg.  I would have never imagined that would be the case.  Just about everyday you hear more news about another shooting.  I have to agree with the statistics though.  The MAJORITY of these kids come from broken homes with no father present.  Statistics show that 90% of children raised in a home where the Father attends church, will continue to go church as they get older.  A constant male role model is NECCESARY in every childs life.  Studies also show that sitting down and eating 1 meal a week as a family greatly reduces childrens risk of having behavorial problems.  That is one reason we MAKE it a priority to eat our meal together every night without the TV.  I know at this young age...Emma & Evan aren't really benefiting from this together time...but I am trying to make it our routine now!     The more I think about the life Emma & Evan will have to grow up facing...the more I want to shelter them.  It is my daily prayer for them that they will be able to resist the evil in this world and hold fast to the only good thing out there...GOD!! We can't keep them from everything though...but we can teach the way they should go!  Until next time be praying for our families, city, state, nation, & world.  God can still save us and one day He will!! :)

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