Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A work in progress...

Justin and I have been wanting to get to work in our yard and we started that this past weekend.  We bought our house March 15, 2011 and I found out I was pregnant April 8, 2011.  So, with morning sickness, bedrest, and then babies...our house and yard got pushed to the back burner.  Now that Emma and Evan are older and able to go outside with us...we have lots of plans for this summer.  We started by working on the deck.  Since there are two levels we thought we would close in the top level to give Emma and Evan a place to play outside.  Here are some pictures of Justin & Emma and Justin & Evan working on the deck.
Emma helping Daddy!

Evan helping Daddy!

Evan enjoying outside.  Yes, I made him wear this hat.  Poor thing has pasty white skin like his momma!

They are big little helpers...or at least they think they are helping!!

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