Sunday, February 9, 2014

A little Spring teaser...

Was this a BEAUTIFUL weekend or what???  I am READY for SpRiNg!! :)  Well, we made it one whole week at school.  Haven't done that in a while.  From the weather forecast...we might get some more snow this week.  I love snow and all but I am not wanting anymore of it.  It just causes too much of a headache trying to figure out what to do with E&E during it all...because D&F & Eaton don't shut down for snow!  Anyway...back to last week.  I went to Switcharoo's again this year.  I didn't buy as much because last year I bought tons of things and we just never wore then all.  Then, they didn't really have much for Evan's good thing I wasn't buying that much anyway.  The 2T girls rack was twice as long as the boys was and it was so packed that I couldn't even scoot the clothes down to really look at them.  Actually the 24 month & 2T for the boys was the same rack and it was still half the size of the girls.  I know there are lots of cute girl things...but boys need clothes too.  I guess I am too picky about what Evan wears.  He'll appreciate that one day.  So, here are our finds of the day...
 These are Emma's clothes.  I got a couple things that I can monogram and make even cuter!! :)
And this is Evan's!! 

Each of them also got a pair of shoes (Evan's-crocs & Emma- gold sandles) and a bathing suit.  I also found Emma a little white dress exactly like what I have been wanting.  I am having Trinity Street do a portrait of each of them in April and I have in my mind what I want them to wear.  I couldn't believe I found it at a consignment sale for $15 and it looks brand new.  Score me!!  Won't my sweet pea look perfect in this little dress??

 Now...I just have to work on finding Evan what I want him to wear!! Well, that was Thursday.  Friday night...Justin and I went on a long over due date night.  Katie, Matt, & Alison kept Emma & Evan for us.  We actually went to supper at Outback and to a movie.  I was nice and let Justin pick the movie.  He chose 'Lone Survivor" and I was not a fan.  The language was AWFUL and it was too realistic.  It is based on a true story and there is no way you can watch that and not be grateful to what our service men are doing to keep us safe and free.  The ending showed a the tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in this mission and I seriously was just sitting there crying.  Next time we are watching a chick flick and he better not say a word!! :)  While in the movies I got this picture from Matt.  No wonder they love Katie, Matt, & Alison...they gave them ice cream.
You can tell from the picture that they are digging in!  Katie said they were so good for them.  I am so glad Emma & Evan have two aunts who love them so.  We can't wait to love on their precious children one day soon!!  Saturday, it was so nice that we decided to spend the morning outside playing.  They haven't been on their swing set in they really enjoyed sliding, swinging. jumping on the trampoline, helping Daddy rake leaves, riding his tractor (Evan) and riding her tricycle (Emma).  I forgot to mention that Evan loves his tractor now and Emma's car for that matter too.  He still hasn't mastered the steering so he runs into a lot of things...but he's getting the hang of it.  Emma is still terrified of the tractor and her car but she is getting really good at riding her tricycle.  The first day Evan decided to ride his tractor she followed him around the whole yard hanging on to the trailer.  I tried to get her to sit on the trailer and let Evan pull her around this yard...but that wasn't happening. The video is too cute.  I don't really blame her for not trusting Evan's driving just yet!!   Then, we went for a golf cart ride down behind the house.  Two weekends ago Justin brought the tractor over and cut some roads back there.  I can so see Evan in the future riding 4-wheeler's back through those roads.  That is one memory I have of going to Melissa Goldman's house when we were younger.  She had the same thing behind her house and it was so much fun riding back there  Here are a couple pictures I took of our morning outside!


 Today, we went to church, celebrated Justin's step-grandma's 80th birthday, and we all took a 3 hour nap.  That was a good day!  Hope you guys have a great week and if we happen to get more snow...the camera is charged and this momma is ready!  Until next time..

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