Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thankful for our Journey!

This will be a short little post but it was something on my heart and I wanted to share.  Emma & Evan's teacher at school, Mrs. Melissa, has three children and her youngest, Braxton, has autism.  We don't really know Braxton very well. We met him one time when Justin and I were helping Katie with Sunday School at South Main.  They asked Justin to spend that Sunday School hour with Braxton, because the guy who normally did it wasn't there that Sunday.  Braxton doesn't talk and all they did that whole hour was walk up and down the hall.  Tonight on Facebook Melissa posted about how different their life is from normal people's life.  Their 6 year old still wears diapers, still drinks from a bottle, & still eats pureed food. The small things in life that we take for granted are huge accomplishments for him. They spend a good bit of their time at doctor's appointments & therapy.  Her and her husband never get to go on date nights because Braxton is always with them and she knows he probably always will be.   Even though she faces the difficult things she faces...she walks into school every morning with a smile on her face and a love for my kids in her heart!   Just to look at her you would never know the unnormal life she leads at home!  She is always so nice and is such an inspiration to me.  There are lots of times that I get so frustrated with Emma & Evan  because they aren't listening or when they aren't acting like they should...but it pales in comparison to the struggles some families face. I just sat there thinking tonight...the things I complain so often about that Emma & Evan are doing are things she would give anything to see her child do.  Them running through the house screaming, them jumping on my bed giggling, them wanting me to sit and read books with them when I have millions of other things to do...etc.  The list could go on and on!  So, I wrote this post to say, we should all be thankful for the blessings God has placed in our life and we should be quick to Thank Him and slow to complain because there will always be someone in life that is facing things far worse than we could ever imagine.  So, for right now I am thanking God for the journey He has set before me and am being appreciative of the blessings I have!  Hope you all have a great night!!

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