Saturday, October 5, 2013

Birthday Parties Galore...

Today has been a busy busy day celebrating some special little boys birthday's!  First we started our day with Bennett's Carnival birthday party!  I didn't take any pictures but Jillian I stole this one from her Facebook page! Here we are right after we arrived at the party!
Emma & Evan had a great time jumping in the bouncy house once they warmed up to it and all the other kids jumping!  The food was good, the decorations were cute, & the party overall was a good one.  The weather on the other hand was HOT.  It is NOT supposed to be 90 degrees in October.  I am ready for some Fall weather!  Our summer clothes have been washed, hung, & ready for Spring consignment sales and I am not getting them back out! :)  Then, it was home for what we hoped would be an hour & a half nap!  No such luck!  Evan got about an hour and Emma maybe got 30 minutes!  They did not want to get up but with a little bribing with some animal crackers they got up and in the truck and we headed to little Patton's First birthday party!!  His theme was pumpkins and it was cute too!  We had a fun time playing with all the kids and toys while the guys huddled close to the windows to watch the Clemson game!  Of course I didn't take any pictures again but thankfully this time Angela I stole this picture from her Facebook page! 
What would we do without Facebook?? By this time the party was practically over and Patton was ready for a nap!  Poor little guy was walking around like a zombie.  It looked as if he could fall asleep just standing there.  He was a trooper though.  He wasn't into picture time though!  I am glad my babies get to grow up with some of my greatest friends kids!  What a fun day we had celebrating with both families!!  We got home and had an invitation in the mail to Easton's 2nd birthday party!  So, we will be partying it up again in two weeks!! We are still working on E&E's party!  My parents house will be finished by the end of next that is a relief...since that is where we wanted the party to be!  I knew it probably would be finished but that is cutting it a little close! :)  So, in other news...we are getting ready to separate Emma & Evan into their own rooms!  I HATE to say goodbye to my guest room but with the toys they are getting for their birthday and the fact that they aren't sleeping as soundly as they use to with each other in the same room...we feel the times has come! :(  Yes, that is a sad face!  My babies aren't babies anymore!  So, I have been hunting a table to go in Evan's room to set up his train set on.  I actually found one at the Faith Home a couple weekends ago but just never got Justin to go pick it up.  Good thing too!!  A girl in our Sunday School class posted a yard sale picture on Facebook this morning and guess what she had...the perfect little table!!  And she sold it to me for hardly nothing!!  Score me!   
With a little stain and removing those will be the exact thing I was wanting.  Don't you love a good deal!  Their rugs for the floors are in and I have a buyer for my bedroom suite too.  So, nothing is really keeping us from making the move!  We have plans to go to Denver Downs pumpkin patch next Saturday morning...but this might be our Saturday afternoon project!  I asked Justin if it was a nightmare at night would he put them back in the same room and he said he that makes me feel a little better!  So, that's a little update from the Turner's!  We have a shower for Meg & baby Adrian tomorrow.  I went to Katie's last night and tied ribbons on a million little trifle dishes...thanks to Shelia Riddle.  That lady has anything and everything you could possibly ever need for a shower.  So, we are excited about welcoming another baby girl to our clam!  Emma is ready for a "girl" friend.  She has enough "boy" friends! Gamecocks are playing so it's game time for me!  Good night!!

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