Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What a sad day...

I hadn't planned to blog again before the party this weekend but I find myself heartbroken tonight for the Leopard family.  Today while at work, we got a text from Justin's aunt that we needed to be praying for her nephew and his family.  She specifically mentioned that we needed to be praying for BJ's family.  Of course, my mind started wondering what that was about and of course I looked on Facebook real quick.  Just three minutes earlier,  Malone, BJ's daughter, had posted about how thankful she was for her aunt who served our country.  This was a typical post considering it is Veteran's day.  So, I thought nothing can be too wrong and went on about my business.  A few minutes later I get a call from Justin asking me if I had heard anything about BJ and he fills me in on what's going on.  BJ worked in insurance at the County Bank.  Of course banks were closed today but they were all there today for some kind of training.  When they broke for lunch, BJ went into her office and took her life.  I can't help but cry as I type this.  I can't help but hurt for her three kids and husband who are sitting at home tonight wondering what in the world just happened! I just finished looking at all the post people are making on BJ's Facebook page.  So many people are shocked that such a beautiful sweet person could do this.  Many have talked about how she would be missed.  Did she not know how many people in this world loved her??  Did she not think her kids still needed her??  I can not grasp how someone can be so desperate and feel this is their only way out!  I just saw her a couple weeks ago at a family function and she carried on like nothing was wrong.  Just 8 days ago, her mom and sisters posted pictures on Facebook where they were all laughing looking like they were having the best time.  Oh how the mask we wear can truly hide what we are feeling inside.  If she has only talked to one person this day could have had such a different outcome.  If just one of those people posting on Facebook had told her how much they loved her...would she have realized her worth??   My heart breaks for Johnny!  Not only is he dealing with the loss of his wife but I can't imagine all the things he is trying to figure out in his head.  How does he continue to care for Austin and Malone??  How does he tell Peyton, he needs to continue on with college??  How do you make your kids go back to school, when everyone in town knows what's going on??  How is he going to be the sole care giver of these three teenage kids.  Probably the hardest years he will ever face as a parent...he is now left to face these alone!  Who is going to help Malone in her pageants??  I just don't understand how anyone can make a decision like this.  Her husband is now a widow, her kids are now motherless, her family is missing a member, her friends are missing a friend, County Bank is missing an employee...the list goes on and on as to who all suicide affects!  If you take nothing else from my ramblings tonight... please take the time to tell those you love just how much you love them.  Be kind to a stranger who is obviously having a bad day, and look to God for guidance on who you need to be praying for!  We never know what kind of battles people are facing!  Please keep the Leopard family in your prayers!! 

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