Sunday, September 1, 2013

B is for Birthday...

It hasn't been a whole 24 hours since I posted last but we have had LOTS of things go on including celebrating Justin's birthday.  Well, he started his birthday celebration with a win from his Clemson Tigers.  They beat Georgia 38-35.  Then, this afternoon his family and my families came over for cake and ice cream.  Here are some pictures from our afternoon. 
  Before the party began...

Justin asked me why I got a number 2 when he was only 31.  I had to remind him that he was 31 last year!! :)
Justin and Reagan as we were singing to him. 
Katie and Evan eating some cake and ice cream.


Jason, Ashley, Cooper, and you can see a little of Corley's head!

Justin and Daddy talking about hunting.  What else???

The rest of the Reid's!

Justin and Emma.  She wouldn't quit eating her ice cream for a picture. 

Justin and Evan!

Time for presents.  I think he liked the new turkey call his mom had made for him!

Alison playing with Evan and Cooper!

Family photo!!
Evan sporting Daddy's new Clemson camo hat! 
We ended our night with a swim and a power outage!  A tree down the road fell and down went the power line.  As I was sitting here with Justin waiting on the power to come back on, Emma & Evan were already asleep, I realized how dependent we are on modern conveniences.   My computer was dead and my phone was dead and I didn't know what to do.  I decided to get out my bible and just spend some time reading.  My mom and I were talking tonight about the Clemson game last night.  There were probably over 80,000 people in that stadium last night and most of them had probably been there for hours waiting on this game to start.  How different would our world look if we were that excited about Jesus??  If we were willing to wait hours upon hours to see Him or to worship Him?? I am not saying anything is bad about going to a football game it just makes you wonder how our priorities in life have gotten so mixed up.  We aren't willing to give God more than just a few hours on Sunday but we can spend hours of our time hanging around waiting on a game that in the long run will have no affect on where we spend our eternity!  Just something to think about.  Anyways...hope you guys have a great Labor Day and I promise no more blog updates for a while! :)

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