Sunday, September 15, 2013

A weekend get-a-way...

While I wait for the load of laundry in the washing machine to wash and the dryer to dry...I thought I'd give the blog a little update.  We are just returning from a fun filled mini vacation to the beach with some friends (Meg, Aaron, Warren, Jillian, Jonathan, Bennett, Katie & Matt).  Meg booked us a condo several months ago.  Jillian, Meg, & their families headed down Thursday at lunch.  Justin, me & the kiddos headed down after work on Thursday and Katie & Matt joined us Friday after work.  We had debated whether to leave Thursday after work or wait until Friday morning.  Remember the whole mountain trip and the nightmare time we had with crying babies that first night.  You probably don't...but trust me...Justin, Matt, Katie, & I do! :)  We decided to leave Thursday.  We had planned to be on the road by 5:30...but we had some visitors stop by and that put us leaving at 5:45.  We stopped in Columbia for supper and to change into our PJ's.  The trip was going as planned.  Emma went to sleep about 8:30 and Evan continued to watch TV.  At about 10:00...he had had enough of the car and was ready to lay down. We still had about 45 minutes of driving but he didn't understand that and the crying started!  After about 30 minutes of that Emma woke up and wasn't happy so she decided to start crying too.  It was turning into the same nightmare at the mountains.  Thanks to Jillian and Meg...their pack-n-plays were already set up and waiting for us when we finally got to the house.  We laid them our bed and Evan went right to sleep.  Emma had had a good little nap and wasn't sleepy at all anymore.  She stayed up with us until about 12:00.  So, it wasn't as bad as the mountain trip...but it wasn't far behind.  We spent Friday morning at the beach with all the kiddos playing.  We took Emma & Evan back up around 1:00 for lunch and a bath. Since they didn't actually get down until 2:00 and we were leaving for supper at 6:00 we didn't head back to the beach that day.  We went out for seafood Friday night and it was YUMMY.  Saturday, we spent that morning at the beach too.  After our lunch and a nap...we went for a swim in the pool and down to see the Alligator nearby that you can feed.  We had a low country boil for supper and we ALL enjoyed that.  Who wouldn't though.  Then the guys thought it would be fun to take the kids back to the ocean to chase crabs.  Those little things running around my feet creeped me out a little.  We also saw some fireworks and Emma wasn't a fan of the fireworks! We headed home today and after a few exciting stops...we finally made it home about 3:00.  We had a great time and are looking forward to making it an annual trip!  Here are a few pictures from the weekend...
Warren, Evan, & Emma checking out the view!

Evan & Bennett giving each other fives with their oven mits on!

Aaron caught some mullet and put in this bucket.  They were jumping out.  Evan, Emma, & Bennett are closely watching but none really wanted to touch the fish. 

Getting ready to fish!

And he caught one...

Meg, Warren, & baby Adrian

My sweet blue eyed boy!!

And my sweet blue eyed girl!!!

What a view!  Oceans never cease to amaze me.  God's creations are beautiful!!

Our little family heading out for seafood!

The Babb's are here!!

Jillian helping Evan and Bennett with some sand castle's!

The guys still working on catching some fish!

Jillian and the boys still working on those sand castles. 

Evan and his Aunt Katie!

Horrible picture of me...but I sure love these babies!!

She decided to wear Aunt Katie's hat!  She isn't a baby anymore!! :(
I didn't do to good with the picture taking...but my camera died and I didn't have my charger.  I have started using my cell phone camera a lot more instead of my I didn't even think about the charger.  Anyways...that was our fun-filled weekend.  We get to do this all over again in a few weeks with some different friends.  Me, Katie, KG, Angela, the kids, and the husbands are going to the mountains in November.  We love to hang out with good friends!! 

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