Sunday, September 22, 2013

More from Pinterest and what the Turner's have been up too...

I'm still pinning stuff and creating stuff.  Here are the cute little gifts we made for Emma & Evan's classmates birthday's this years.

What kid wouldn't want crayons right?? 
Also, I have been busy working on Halloween, birthdays, and Christmas.  Emma & Evan are going to be Pebbles & Bam Bam for Halloween.  I changed my mind several times about what they were going to be for Halloween.  At first, I couldn't find a Pebbles & Bam Bam outfit that I I decided to try Mickey & Minnie Mouse since they both love them right now.  Every outfit I found looked like a baby I decided I would just make them Scarecrow costumes...thanks to a picture on Pinterest.  That idea didn't last long because I am not a seamstress...and decided to give the Pebbles & Bam Bam idea a second chance!  Luckily I found these CUTE costumes on Etsy!!  Now...we just have to pray the weather is warm like it was last year or I will be looking for some long sleeve t-shirts to go under these costumes.    

Bam Bam

And Pebbles...
Emma's "bone hair bow" hasn't arrived yet.  I am so excited about Halloween. 
As for birthday's ....we are in full party planning mode!  I have been working on some small decorative things that can be done ahead of time. I have talked with Trisha about doing their cakes, I have our 2 year old pictures scheduled, I have their cute Owl outfits and I am working on the invitations.  I found a picture of the perfect invitation on Pinterest but I can't find it anywhere online.  I am hoping the lady at Office Supply can make it for me!  Thanks to Kasey and her Cricut... we have some CUTE goodie bag tags.  Evan's tool/work bench has arrived and Justin is dreading putting that together.  There are like a million pieces to this thing!  Emma's kitchen hasn't arrived yet but it has it will be here soon!  Her apron did arrive this past week though.  How cute is it???  
I have think we have their birthday covered!! As for Christmas...I have an idea of what we are getting E&E but I change my mind I won't say just yet what they are case I change my mind!  Evan's gift has already changed 3 times and it isn't even October yet. I found out earlier this week that my latest idea for Evan is what Easton is getting for his birthday.  So we are planning to see if Evan likes Easton's present before we definitely buy it!!  I am still pretty sure of what Emma is getting...but there are just so many toys that I think they will love!  Decisions, Decisions!!
We are getting ready for fall around here too!!  Deer season is in full swing, football is on our TV constantly, our pool is covered (before it collected tons of leaves and turned green)...and my fall flowers have been planted!!  I love some pansies.  You can't really kill them!! A friend of Justin's is wanting to get rid of his I think we may get it for Emma & Evan.  Since they are big fans of jumping on my bed right now...we think they may just love a trampoline.  Plus, with the beautiful fall weather we are will be a great use of outside time!  We have some busy weekends ahead.  Birthday parties, Denver Downs pumpkin patch, picture appointments, football games...and much more are on our to do list for the next few months.  Check back soon to see what's going on with the Turner's!! 

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