Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Little of this and a little of that....

We have been busy little bees around the Turner house.  As I type, Emma & Evan are down for their naps!!  We just came in from a little play time outside because it is 65 degrees in February!  Not your typical weather but I'm loving it!! Our outside time was going well until they found the ant hills.  Ant bites and 1 years old aren't something I wanted to we came back inside.  Not before I got a few pictures though.  Emma is still not a fan of the swings.  She LOVES the slide but that is about all.  Evan loves it all.  As long as that boy is outside...he is good to go!  That makes his mommy and daddy Happy Campers!!  


What's new with Emma & Evan. Well...Emma has learned to climb and she climbs on EVERYTHING!!!  I am not excited about this but she seems pretty proud of herself.  We have a couple pictures of our little climber!  Evan is watching Emma closely and trying to climb himself but chunky monkey can't quite get himself up just yet.  We had to take him to the doctor this week.  He woke up Monday morning and his eye was red.  He had been to the woods the day before with Justin and we weren't sure if something got in it or if it was pink eye.  Thanksfully it wasn't pink eye.  While we were there the doctor FINALLY gave him an antibiotic for his cough and congestion that he has had for 3 weeks.  She didn't give us anything for Emma...just more cough medicine.  Evan weighed in at 25lb 10oz.  He is a big boy and I love every bit of him.  Him & Emma both will give you hugs and kisses when you ask for them and it seriously make my heart smile each time!! Speaking of hearts...I decided to do the Heart 4 Kids program this year that His Radio...our local Christian putting on.  Each year a few weeks before Valentine's Day, they get people to make homemade Valentine's Day cards and mail them in.  Then on Valentine's Day they take them to sick little children in the hospital. I heard on the radio this week that sometimes a child has gotten betwen 50 & 60 Valentine's day cards.  Of course that depends on how many cards they receieve and how many kids are in the hospital...but that is awesome.  I thought this would be a fun tradition to start with Emma & Evan.  Plus, it is a reminder of how thankful we should be that our babies are healthy!!  So, the whole family...Justin included...have been working on these cards.  Emma & Evan didn't do to much because I didn't want them ruining the cards but I did let them glue the eyes on.  Actually I put the glue on and they stuck it to the card.  I am not brave enough to give them glue just yet!! :)  See below our process and the finished product!  I think they are adorable! 

Marcie hard at work
Justin hard at work

Emma playing with the costruction paper!

Evan playing with the construction paper!
Our homemade Valentine's!

I think they were pretty cute!!
Also, I decided I wanted to make a Valentine treat for the kids in Emma & Evan'c class this year.  I found the CUTEST idea ever on Pintrest!  The last part of my idea arrived in the mail yesterday so you will have to check back next week for the big reveal of the Valentine Day project. Twice a year Switcharoos have a HUGE consignment sale in Greenville & Spartanburg.  People sell their gently used clothes at cheap prices.  We have a couple of these local consignment sales in Greenwood but nothing like Switcharoos.  Me & momma had planned to go Friday when it opened to the public...but a girl at work has passes to get in early before it opens.  So, me & momma headed to Greenville today to shop for some Spring & Summer clothes.  Boy did we find some clothes.  I got Emma 16 new outfits and Evan 19 new outfits plus 2 bathing suits. I didn't really even spend that much money so Justin was glad.  Here are my steals of the day!!
Emma's new outfits!

                                                                Evan's new outfits!!

We also celebrated one of my best friends 30th birthday last night at the Village Grill.  She didn't know anything about it and was so surprised!!  Boy do I love good surprises!!  That;s about it for this week in the Life of a Turner...Until next time... 

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