Saturday, January 26, 2013

Praise the Lord for Good News...

The last time I blogged I had been for my biopsy.  Well the results from that were inconclusive so really that was a waste of my time.  We went ahead with the surgery on the 22nd like we had planned.  Once the mass was out and was sent off for testing we would know then if another surgery would be needed or not.  As my title hints...the pathology report came back showing no signs of we are praising the Good Lord above and rejoicing that I don't have to have another surgery!  The surgery itself wasn't that bad.  I had to be at the hospital at 10:30 and they took me back about 1:00.  By 3:30, I was awake and back in my room.  Everything went as planned.  I have a 5cm incision.  The stitches are still in and bandaged I really haven't seen the incision good yet.  I went back on Friday and got the drain tube out.  That was a relief.  It didn't really hurt having that was just in the way and I was scared to death to move because I didn't want to hit it.  So, I am just taking it easy now and letting everything heal.  I can't pick the babies up until Tuesday.  That has been the worst part of all of this.  They don't understand why their momma isn't doing anything for them anymore.  I have to brag on Justin.  He has always been a great husband and daddy but words can't even describe how good he has been to me, Emma, & Evan this week. I am definitely so grateful to have him in our lives!!  In other news...daddy is in the hospital.  Tuesday when he woke up his incision from his leg surgery was draining.  It hadn't been before and this wasn't supposed to be happening.  They put him on a antibiotic for it and he had some sort of reaction to the antibiotic.  He went to see Dr. Ellenburg on Thursday and he immediately sent him to Tower Pointe for lung x-rays.  Daddy was also short of breathe and Dr. Ellenburg thought he might have blood clots in his lungs.  I am so thankful he went to  the doctor and they found them as soon as they did.  The immediately sent him over to the hospital and started working with him to dissolve the clots.  I didn't get to see Daddy until today.  He was very weak and tired but he is going to make it.  It never ceases to amaze me how God works things out.  The leg draining seemed like a hastle but in the end revealed a MUCH bigger problem that we probably wouldn't have ever known was there.  So, until next time...the Reid's are going to try to FINALLY get healed up.  Momma's arm is healing well.  She goes back on the 14th of February and we think she will finally be released.  We have been through enough for a while!!  We are thanking God for taking care of us though and never leaving our sides.  What a AWESOME God we serve!! 

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