Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another obstacle on Our Faithful Journey!

I went for my yearly appointment with Dr. Forrest back the beginning of December.  While she was examining me she felt a lump on my thyroid.  She said it was small but she wanted me to have an ultrasound just to be sure it wasn't anything.  So, before Christmas...I went for the ultrasound.  Obviously it came back to be something because she referred me to Dr. Tarasidis at Greenwood ENT.  I went for that appointment this past Monday, Jan. 7th.  According to Dr. Tarasidis there is a mass on my left thyroid and it is coming out.  He is doing a biospy on it next Tuesday, the 15th, to determine more what the mass is.  Once it is determined..he will decide if he wants to take out the right thyroid as well. Surgery is scheduled for Jan.22.  I am beyond grateful that I first of all made my yearly appointment with Dr. Forrest.  When I was told she didn't have an opening for almost two months...I thought about just going with someone else.  THANK GOD I DIDN'T!!!  Secondly, I am glad that Dr. Forrest was proactive enough that she wanted to check this out rather than just not worry about it because it was small. I am very anxious about the upcoming few weeks.  I have never been put to that has me worried, I have never had to face something that could possibly be cancer...that has me worried, and I have never been away from my sweet that has me worried.  But doesn't God's word say we shouldn't worry!  Easier said than done though.  Even Dr. Tarasidis told me that I didn't need to worry about this.  I am trusting God that if this is something God is going to heal me through this surgery and I am going to continue on my Faithful Journey of following and trusting HIM.  He was there with me through my whole there is no reason to doubt He will be with me through this!  I am going to praise Him through this storm and give Him all the credit when it's over and this is behind me.  That's just a quick update for now.  Babies are napping but will soon be awake and I need to clean up.  We are having out annual 96 girls gathering this weekend at my house and it is a T-Total wreck!  I do have a 2-man wrecking crew living here with us now though...make that a 3-man wrecking crew.  Justin needs to be included!! :)  Until next time...keep those prayer coming!!!

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