Monday, December 31, 2012

Ready to bring in the New Year!

Today ends 2012.  What a great year we have had!!  We have spent the last twelve months busier than ever.  It went from watching our precious babies, who did nothing but sleep all the time, to toddlers, who we are chasing all the time.  We've enjoyed lots of first this year.  Alison and Nick's wedding, our first trip to the beach with the babies, Emma & Evan learning to crawl and then to walk, Emma & Evan's 1st birthday...the list goes on and on.  They have grown into busy little people who are into everything.  Everything in our house has been moved up a couple feet for the time being, so it is out of their reach!  Tonight we will be celebrating the passing of 2012 and the ringing in of 2013 at the Fortner's house.  We love spending time with friends.  2013 is already filling up quickly! Alison's birthday is the 4th, which is this week. Hopefully momma's arm is healing well, so our baby sitter will be back soon! She will find out on the 7th...which is also when I have my appointment with Dr. Tarasidis.  Hoping and praying that all goes well.  Daddy's knee surgery is on the 14th. So, we are going to be busy the next few weeks.   Also, hopefully 2013 will bring good news for Katie & Matt!!  With their adoption process well under way...we are anxiously awaiting for their addition to our family.  Things at work are about to get interesting with me taking on a few new roles.  I am super excited and can't wait to get started.  Justin is still learning his new job and so is going good.  We know that 2013 is going to be an exciting year with Emma & Evan, so we are ready to get it started!!  Happy New Year!!!

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