Sunday, December 30, 2012

40 years and counting...

This isn't my normal post centered around Emma & Evan and what all is going on in their lives. Today marks my parents 40th wedding anniversary.  In this day and time with the divorce rate as high as it is and as many single parents as there are...40 years of being married is something to celebrate.  As I think back over my life and the example my parents have set for me...I just hope and pray that Justin and I set that same example for Emma & Evan.  Times haven't always been perfect and there have been many arguments but divorce was never an option.  They same was true for my grandparents.  They were married almost 60 years before my grandma died.  True love isn't finding the perfect is finding some one who you can love regardless of their flaws!! In the almost 13 years, yes 13 years, that Justin and I have been together...we have grown and learned a lot about each other.  We went from dating and football games, to college, to being married, and to now having two precious babies of our own.  Life wasn't always easy when it was just us two...when we threw Emma & Evan into the really got fun! I wouldn't trade a minute of our life together though.  It has helped shape us into the people we have become and will only help us to grow closer in the future.  I look forward to spend many more years with Justin and just hope we can make it to 40 years ourself!!  Happy Anniversary to the best Mom & Dad ever...I love you both!!

PaPa and Emma!

Family photo!!

MaMa and Evan!

Amazed by the cook!

Family trip to Miyabi's!!

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