Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

As the title's Christmas time around here!! Last Thursday...5 days before Christmas...we were hit by the lovely stomach bug!! Me & Evan were actually sick Thursday. Emma got sick one time Friday, and Justin woke up with a fever Saturday. We weren't able to make it to the Leopard family gathering because of all our sickness. We didn't get to go to church Sunday morning. We did go to Justin's mom's family gathering at the church for lunch and then back to our house to open gifts with Jason , Ashley, the kids, Dottie, & Mike. Emma & Evan got clothes, rocky horses that talk, and books! Emma at first was not a fan of the talking rocky horse...but here a few days later...she is warming up to it! I finally finished all my Christmas shopping Monday...Christmas Eve. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Justin worked on Emma & Evan's swing set Christmas Eve too and thanks to the didn't get finished. Matt came to help. They got it all up except for the monkey bars. Emma & Evan didn't care though!! Katie got sick Christmas Eve night and wasn't able to have her normal Christmas morning brunch with Matt's family. I thought we were over our sickness but I am really hoping we didn't pass it on to Katie. Christmas morning, we got up and showed Emma & Evan their gifts. We also read the Christmas story and unwrapped the most important gift we will ever get...Baby Jesus. Justin left early to go fry the turkey at momma and daddy's. We got there about 1:00 ready to eat. Alison, Nick, & George were also there. Katie and Matt didn't come to eat. They came later for presents. Emma & Evan got new bookbags, more books, tricycles, savings bonds, and money for whatever Momma and Daddy think they could use. I think overall they had a wonderful 2nd Christmas. We are so thankful to be able to celebrate this wonderful time of the year with our precious little family!!
Emma & Evan's gifts from Santa!!

The letter Santa wrote!

Emma's ready to see if Santa came!

Evan's ready to see if Santa came!
They were checking out their stuff!

Talking about Baby Jesus and reading the Christmas story!

Momma and her sweet babies on Christmas!!

Emma & Evan's swing set minus the monkey bars!

Emma & Evan checking out their tricycles!

Gifts from MaMa, PaPa, Aunt Alison, & Aunt Katie!

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