Monday, February 18, 2013

Wow...what a weekend!!!

I am sure you are wondering from the title what went on with the Turner's this weekend. didn't quite go like we had planned but it was so much better.  We bought us a new car this weekend!  Our car shopping adventure started last weekend.  We have known for a while now that the Kia just wasn't going to cut it with two babies, but I was dead set that we were not having a car payment right now.  Two babies are expensive enough...not to mention, I just had surgery, I started the babies 529 plans, and my free babysitter has been out of commission for over 2 months now.  Anyway... I had found a couple cars on the internet at CarMax that I wanted to check out.  We had already planned to go to Greenville this weekend to visit Costco.  However... the cars I found were in Columbia so I just figured we would go to the Costco in Columbia instead of Greenville.  Once we got to Newberry...I decided to check and see where Costco is in Columbia....and much to my surprise there isn't one in Columbia.  Just about everywhere there is a Sams there is a Costco...everywhere BUT Columbia! :)  So, we decided to head to Greenville and what should have been a 1 hour trip turned into almost 2 hours.  Emma & Evan were troopers though.  Anyways...we went to Costco and out for supper before we started looking for CarMax in Greenville.  Surely they had to have some cars for us to look at.  Little did I know that when you go to CarMax, you park your car and have to walk through the salesmen to get to the cars. I was not in the mood to talk to a saleman at this point in we rode through a couple of the lots in Greenville and headed home.  I was not in a very good mood at the point and neither were Emma & Evan who had been either riding in the car, a buggy, or sitting in a high chair for the past 5 hours.  Once, we got back home...I decided to check out Bagwell' of our local dealerships online.  My family has bought 11 cars from them...12 if you count my new one!  Why didn't I just check there first.  I found a Chevy Traverse that I really liked.  It was a 2009 and had 43,000 miles on it.  So, we rode up there Sunday after church to check it out.  I LOVED IT!!!  I got my dad to call Donnie first thing Monday morning.  He told Daddy what price he would sell it to us for and we told him we would be by on Friday to test drive it.  I knew I wanted it before we left the house Friday but Justin still hadn't made up his mind.  Once he really got to look at the car and drove it...he loved it too!!  It has all kind of features that are great.  It has captain seats as the second row...that slide...and make it EASY to get to the third row.  The sliding seats also make the 3rd row really roomy! Adults can easily fit back there.  It has 2 sunroofs, a back-up camera, and it beeps at you if you get to close to something backing up.  I think this car knew I would need that!!  The trunk space is a decent size even with the back seat up.  That was an advantage over the Tahoe, which is what Justin really wanted when we started talking about a new car.  The Tahoe with the 3rd row seats up...has no trunk space.  Ask Justin!!  He didn't believe Brandon when he told him that so we had to go check it our for ourselves!  The 3rd row seats lay completely flat which is also another plus for when you are traveling and need more trunk space. gets better gas mileage than my Kia did.  Who knew I could get a bigger newer car and get better gas mileage.  It was a win win situation!!  I could go on and on about this car.  Can you tell I LOVE IT???  Donnie gave us a great trade-in on my Kia.  So, with the trade-in and the deal on the new cat that he made us...we were able to pay for the car and not have a car payment!!  WOO HOO for us!! :)  That is enough for now about the new car.  I will have to take some pictures and post for you soon!!  Wednesday is PJ day at Emma & Evan's I will be posting again soon about the babies.  This was just a post for me.  I was just super excited about our deal and since Justin is playing basketball and the babies are sleeping...I figured I would blog for a while before I head to bed.  So, come back Wednesday to see how cute E&E look in their new PJ's for Pajama Day!!

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