Friday, February 22, 2013

Just thinking...

This week has not been a very good one.  Tuesday night Justin found out he had to go to Tennessee AGAIN and had to leave at 5:00 Wednesday morning.  Thankfully he was able to finish his work on Wednesday and actually drove back home Wednesday night.  He got in about 1:30.  I had E&E all by myself to get ready for school, then when we got home to feed, bathe, & get ready for bed by myself.  Bath time is not fun when you are by yourself.  They did good and acted like good babies for me.  So, that was a relief.  Thursday turned out to be bad day.  We got news first thing that two of the guys, Rick & Jeremy, that fly our company plane for us sometimes were in a plane crash the night before.  Thankfully our old pilot, Skip,wasn't on board this plane.  Skip has actually gone to work for Rick and was actually supposed to be on this flight and got bumped because Jeremy needed the hours.  Rick is in critical condition and thankfully Jeremy walked away unharmed.  The 5 passengers were all killed.  Then, there was a wreck right in front of our office about 2:15.  A guy ran into the back of an 18 wheeler and was killed.  We heard the crash.  Hillary immeditaely called 911.  You could tell the guy in the truck wasn't moving.  An off duty police officer arrived on the scene within minutes and a lady passing by who just happened to be a nurse stopped to help.  I heard her scream he's not breathing and they immediately took him out of the truck and started working with him until EMS arrived.  I have spent the last 24 hours constantly thinking about all these people who lost their life within the past two days.  It really puts into reality how quickly this life can come to an end.  As they drove that man off in the ambulance...there sat his truck and personal belongings that he would never come home too.  I think about this same thing every morning as I  pass right by Phillip Leagues house, an older gentleman from our church who died a few months back, and there sits his truck and house.  It just makes you think, we work and work for all these material things that will just be left behind when it's our time to go.  If most people are honest...they will agree that we spend too much of our time focused on ourselves and things we want rather than worrying about others and the where they will spend eternity.  I don't know the man that died literally just feet away from me yesterday.  I don't know if he was a Christian man.  I don't know if he left behind a family or what his story was...but I do know this has really made me think how I need to be living my life as if there is no tomorrow.  Time is so precious and we really need to be living every second we can for Christ and trying to reach other's for Him!!  I ended my Thursday with a girl's night out.  We went and saw the movie Safe Haven.  It was so good.  But reminded me how quickly I could be taken from this life.  So, from now on...I have lots I need to be doing.  Emma & Evan, who are supposed to be napping...are still I am going to go spend some time with them.  I might just hold them a little tighter today and be sure they know I LOVE them more than anything...because we just never know what our time is coming.   

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