Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today we are celebrating Emma & Evan's second Valentine's and mine and Justin's 14th Valentine's Day together.  We actually started the celebration yesterday.  Emma and Evan had their 1st Valentine's Day party at school.  As I mentioned in my last post...I found the cutest idea for Valentine's on of course I had to do it.  Below is a picture of our Valentine's this year. 

How cute are these???  I ordered the shovels online a couple weeks back just to be sure they were in on time.  Then, of course the marshmellows and baggies were things I could get locally.  I made the tags one day while I had to answer the phones at it all went well.  I actually helped with Emma & Evan's party at school.  I don't really think they needed me other than to help the kids eat their yogurt...but I was happy to be a part of that fun time with them.  They also celebrated Grandparent's Day at school yesterday.  That was a fun treat for MaMa, PaPa, & Grammie. 

So what did Emma & Evan get for Valentine's from mommy & daddy??  They each got a new spring outfit...which they DIDN'T need, some candy approriate for them, a Doc McStuffin's DVD with lots of episodes on it, a new sippy cup with an attachable snack holder ( was something they didn't really need but it was neat), and some new bibs...that cover most of their bodies.  They are trying to feed themselves more and more and this momma HATES a mess.  So, these should help some.  MaMa & PaPa gave Emma & Evan each a book and a new pair of pj's that will come in mighty handy for PJ Day at school next week.  Is that a coincidence or what??  I think they might have gotten a hint from mommy!! Aunt Katie & Aunt Alison also gave Emma and Evan some books.  They are so lucky to have such sweet thoughtful aunts!!  So, what are mine and Justin's Valentine's Day plans this year??  Not your normal romantic night out.  We will be spending our night with our two littlest loves and wouldn't have it any other way.  We might get to sneak away this weekend for dinner and a movie if either of their willing aunts have the time.  If not...we will get our date in soon!!  Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day.  We have lots of FUN things happening over the next few weeks...including TWO birthday parties next weekend.  We can't wait to help Colby & Caroline celebrate their 1st  birthdays!!  Check back later to see what is going on with the Turner's!! 
My sweet girl after their fun filled Valentine's Day at school!!

Some of Emma & Evan's Valentine goodies!!!

My sweet boy after his Valentine's Day at school.  He looks so big & long here!!

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