Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Pool is UnDeRwAy!!!!

So, rain or shine the guy digging our pool was coming this past Monday!  He planned to be at our house at 2:00.  When I got home at 2:45...he was working away!  I later found out our pool was the 3rd pool he dug on Monday and one of those pools was in Georgia!!  That man knew what he was doing!!

Tuesday, all of our supplies were delivered and the plan was to get started on Wednesday.  Wednesday they showed up and put up the pool walls and put in the concrete footer.

Today, they ran all the plumbing and back filled the pool...which just means they put the dirt back around the outside of the pool!

The liner wasn't shipped with the rest of the pool supplies so they put a rush on it and it should arrive tomorrow.  Steve plans to come on Saturday and put the liner in.  Once that happens we will have to fill the pool half way with water and let the bottom of the pool set.  Then the plan is to come in Monday or Tuesday of next week and to pour the concrete around the pool.  After that we will tear down the rails on our existing deck and replace that and add the new steps that will come out to the pool...and it will be finished.  Or Steve's part will be finished.  We will have to pressure wash and stain the deck, put together my new furniture, and if I can convince Justin work on a building an outside kitchen!!  Yeah...that last one is still in the negotiation process...but I am working on him!!  Evan has sure enjoyed climbing on the mound of dirt we have in our backyard!!

Although it will be a while before we can swim...we are getting excited!!

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