Sunday, August 10, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Well, I wish I had a fun update to post about but our past few weeks have been boring.  We have cleaned out and cleaned up our house.  It was MUCH needed!!  Two weekends ago...I started on Friday afternoon and took every single thing out of every closet in this house.  I threw away & donated over 12 bags of stuff!  Katie & Alison both got tubs full of baby stuff that I no longer need!  It felt great!  I love to clean out and organize.  I even cleaned out our refrigerator, freezer, and pantry!  I was in a cleaning mood!! I even rearranged furniture in our room and Emma's room.  Justin wasn't thrilled with helping me clean but he did.  It was raining all weekend what else was he going to do??  We did stop Saturday night to head over to some friends house for supper and to let the kids play.  The kids had all been talking about playing with each other so it was a much needed break for us all!   Before we left our house that afternoon Justin, Emma, & Evan had a little golf lesson.  We were just glad to see the outdoors!

Then, this past week was a busy one as well.  We had a tree in our back yard that was obviously it had to come down along with another tree right next too it.  I think Justin just wanted to be destructive and take down both trees but he swears it needed to come down too.  So...that has been a mess trying to cut them both up and get that cleaned up.  It is a work in progress though.  Evan has sure had fun climbing in the trees!

 We went to Switcharoo's on Thursday and got a lot of good deals on things for Emma & Evan for the Fall.  I love to shop with things only cost a couple dollars.  Momma, Alison, & baby Reid went along on this trip!  It was a fun morning.  Then, this week/weekend we continued our cleaning.  I decided to re-do Emma & Evan's I  we painted it and got new decor.  The sink that was in that bathroom when we bought the house was navy blue with a white cabinet.  I have been wanting to replace it and we just never have.  So instead of getting rid of it...I decided to just use it to decorate.  Their new bathroom is navy and green and it looks good if I must say so myself.  I painted all the trim work Friday night at about 10 pm and Justin rolled the walls for me Saturday afternoon. We make a good team.  My mom has finished Emma's bed skirt and pillow for her new bed and is working on Evan's bed skirt and his curtains. Once those are finished...we are changing over to the toddler beds.  Why don't you start praying with us now!! :)  We go to tour Lifetime Discoveries tomorrow.  I am not excited about moving my sweeties from Learning Express but for the time being...we don't have much choice!  I've heard lots of good things about Lifetime and we know several people who's kids go here so I'm sure it will be fine.  It's just change and with my kids...I don't love change!  So, I'll have to let you know how that goes.  Then, Friday...we are heading to the water park in Simpsonville.  I just pray we have a pretty day.  Katie is going with me.  That is one of the last things we have on our Summer Fun checklist.  Then, we have a parent's night our Friday night.  We get to drop the kids off at church from we are looking forward to a date night.  That should pretty much be our week!  Hopefully we can have some fun relaxing weekends now that most of the dirty work around here is done! Have a great week!!

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