Friday, June 20, 2014

Just some thoughts...

This hasn't been the best of weeks.  I am sitting here listening to Emma & Evan talk to each other in their cribs.  Evan is telling Emma about something he wants her to come see and her response to him was I can't bubba...I'm in my crib.  The sound of their voices and every moment of their life is something I don't want to take for granted.  Just this week another family that we grew up with lost a 2 year old child.  She drown in the pool which is one of my greatest fears about having a pool!  I can't even begin to imagine how you go on with life when you have experienced that kind of loss!  All mind just kept going back to them.  How can we as humans not question God in times like this??  You know He has a purpose for every life but you have to wonder why he chose to take this precious little girl so early in life.  I guess it's a good thing we don't know His reasoning for letting things happen.  It will give us something to ask Him when we get to Heaven. heart breaks for all that were involved in this tragic accident!  Then, I have two good friends that are battling lots of things right now.  They both contacted me this week asking me to pray for them.  How good does it make you feel to have people come to you because they know when you tell them you'll pray for mean it.  One of these friends has faced so much in life and even though I don't tell her near enough...she is such an inspiration to me.  She continues to praise God through all her storms and is such a blessing to me!  Well...E&E were out of school this week because South Main had VBS.  They won't get to go until they are 4.  I don't like that.  I think they could benefit from VBS well before they are 4 years old!  Wednesday we finally had haircuts. When we got there Emma informed us that she wasn't getting her hair cut and she stuck to that.  Even after seeing Evan get his haircut and him get a sucker...she still refused!  Sally had to cut her hair as she clung to me with her face buried in my shoulder.  Granted I only wanted a trim and a slight trim was all we got.  After that we headed over to TW Boons for supper and walked around to look at the topiaries.  Here are a couple pictures that we took.  Emma wasn't a fan at first but she warmed up.  I think once she realized they weren't real...she wasn't scared anymore.  
The baby elephant and the tiger!

The bearcat and my big boy standing by himself!

My two guys.  Will He like Gamecocks or Tigers???  Daddy hopes Tigers and Momma hopes Gamecocks!

Then, last night Justin had planned to go to the woods after I got off work to look at some new hunting land he maybe getting in on a lease.  When Evan saw him getting his boots and all on...he decided he wanted to go with Daddy to the woods.  So, I dressed him and am not going to lie...I almost cried as they left.  My baby isn't supposed to be wanting to go to the woods with Daddy just yet!  He's supposed to still be a baby! I did take a picture of him before they left.  He wanted to wear his boots too!!
Before and After!  He's looks like a hot sweaty boy !

While they were gone...Emma & I worked on a project.  I had seen on Facebook a friend of mine had made a Summer Fun Checklist.  So, I made us one!  Emma just colored on a cardboard box while I made the poster...but she will tell you she helped.  
How cute is this??  I can't wait to start marking things off! 

Well, that brings us to today.  It's Friday afternoon and I am getting ready to go meet Alison and Lauren to buy the final things for Katie's shower on Sunday.  She also has one tomorrow morning. While me & Emma are at the shower...I think Justin is going to take Evan over to the airport for the air show that is part of the Festival of Flowers.  Lauren took Colby last year and he loved it.  So that will be something my guys will hopefully enjoy together.  Then, we are heading to Greenville tomorrow afternoon/night.  There is a place in Greenville that sales doors at discounted prices and I am wanting some new doors for my bathroom. We thought while we were up there that we might check out a Greenville Drive game.  Tickets aren't that expensive and we can just sit on the hill.  It doesn't even start until 7:00 and we probably won't get to stay the whole time...but we thought we'd try it out and see what E&E think. Hope you all have a great weekend.  Stay cool! 

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