Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our little helpers!!

Justin finally got the hand rails up on the front porch.  I decided we needed to paint these rails.  We plan to paint it all after we pressure wash...but that could possible be three more weeks and this had already gotten on my nerves not being painted.  So, I made a family event out of it!  I got E&E paint brushes and let them help.  It really didn't matter if they spilled paint or not because the flooring is going to be painted soon.  They had a ball and we ended up with paint EVERYWHERE!!!

Our finished product.  What do you think??  It is starting too look MUCH better!!  Then, we decided to pull out the car.  They haven't rode in it for a while.  Emma is much better steering it than Evan.  He won't pay attention long enough for us to explain it to him!

Justin started playing around with the camera but I don't think Cody has ever made the blog!  This is the sweetest most well behaved lab we could have ever gotten!!  So glad Justin went against my wishes on this one!  He has been a keeper!! 

My window boxes are in full bloom!

And the pots beside the garage are doing well too!  

Justin has really worked hard on not only getting the yard in shape but he waters my flowers religiously every night for me.  When E&E allow...I help!  Sunday afternoon we had our family pictures.  We were supposed to do them Friday morning but it was cold and overcast so we decided to wait.  Sunday afternoon was perfect!  We bribed E&E with milkshakes!  They did great!  Even Mary Anne said most kids are over it within 10 minutes....and 45 minutes later...E&E were still doing what she asked.  We get to go view them on the 16th and I am so ready. She says they got some good ones...we shall see!!  Anyways...that is enough blogging for one night.  Justin is home from Shealy's and I am working on my cinnamon rolls for the teacher appreciation breakfast in the morning.  Good night all!!  

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