Friday, May 30, 2014

Laney Marie Babb

Well...our well kept secret is out!  And boy am I glad!  Laney Marie Babb was born Tuesday, May 27th at 1:54 pm weighing 6 lb 10 oz and is absolutely perfect!  Let me back up and tell you the story from my point of view.  Mother's day was the day we found out that Katie & Matt had been chosen.  We celebrated the day at Katie's house and nothing was out of the ordinary other than Matt's mom was at our family celebration.  I didn't really think anything of it other than the fact that Katie hadn't mentioned she was coming.  Normally she would have at least told us.  Anyway...she had the dining room table set for all the ladies and had cards in front of our seats.  She told us to fix our plates and we could read our cards later.  So, I was the first back in the dining room and I thought while I waited for everyone to get their plates and come eat...I would read the card.  As I was reading the card, it took me a few minutes to comprehend that I was going to be an aunt to a sweet little niece in late May.  I started "quietly screaming" and hugging Katie.  The other ladies wondered what in the world was in that card.  None of us had any idea what an exciting Mother's Day this would be!  Katie filled us in on what all had been going on.  She knew a whole week before she told us.  They had even met with the mom and had ultrasound pictures.  Katie never let on a thing.  I am not going into all the details because I am not sure exactly how much Katie wants to share but let me just tell was all part of God's plan!  I can't even begin to tell you how this was a just God's perfect timing.  Katie is now finished with her first year of reading recovery and all the training that came along with that job.  She is now out of school for the summer.  She just got a car that will hold this sweet little baby comfortably...and those are just some of the minor things.  God worked through the birth mom and her family in that they all three separately chose Matt & is just amazing.  Katie & Matt knew from the beginning that this was one of God's callings on their life and they were faithful to that call.  So, we know little Laney is going to be such a blessing to them.  So, since Katie only had a little over 3 weeks to get ready...we were all in a rush to help her prepare.  Granted I have been telling her for months that she needed to get ready and she didn't heed my warning!  So, Matt got to work moving the guest room upstairs and painting the nursery, Katie ordered her furniture, Matt's mom got to work on the curtains, and us girls went shopping!  We got all the necessary things they needed to bring the baby home!  Tuesday was such a long day for us.  Katie & Matt got to the hospital a little after 6.  At 9:00 we got the message that they had broken her water.  Then, we didn't hear a single thing until about 12:00 and she was a 4 cm.  Then, about 1:00...she was about 7 cm and then we got the picture of Katie holding her!  I of course couldn't tell anyone so I was sitting at my desk just a smiling to myself!  So, then of course we got lots of texts a a few pictures on Wednesday & Thursday.  Me & Alison went over to Katie's Thursday afternoon to decorate the outside for baby Laney's arrival!  Little did we know it would be almost 8:00 before they got home.  Regardless...we are all there ready and waiting to welcome her home.  Now...let me share some pictures!  We are in love already!!
These are pictures of pictures that they took.  Katie took Alison's camera and didn't take the cord to connect the camera to the she took a picture with her phone of the picture on the camera.  So, that is why these aren't the clearest pictures but they are two of my favorites.  You can see her little face so good.  She is beautiful!!  I could just squeeze those little cheeks.  And trust me...she is little!!  

 Some of our decorations.  Balloons, a flag, and a new wreath...all made by me!! :)

This wreath took me forever...but I was very proud of it!  

And of course...I went a little crazy monogramming!  

Here she is when she arrived home all snuggled up in her car seat!  

I love this picture of Katie holding her.  She looks like she is smiling at Katie!

And of course...the little Babb family!  

We are so excited to have a new addition to our family.  Emma has already tried to give her the paci and just today they both helped feed baby Laney.  And just to think...we get to do this all over again in less than 3 months when Reid gets here.  His name isn't set in stone but I am tired of him not having a I am sticking with Reid until Alison makes up her mind!  We are ready to meet him too!  

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  1. Love love love this! So happy for your whole family!!