Monday, March 17, 2014

A whole new respect for Nascar drivers....

Well, this weekend was definitely an exciting one.  We all met at Bi-Lo in Coronaca at 8:00 Saturday morning and we were off to Charlotte!  It was me, Justin, the kiddos, Alison, Nick, Katie, Matt, Momma, Daddy, George, Jo Anne, & Waddy.  What a crew!  I am NOT a fan of interstate driving.  I think I am actually borderline having an anxiety attack when we have to get on the interstate.  It is awful...just ask Justin!  So, to add to my we were driving down the interstate, 8 lanes wide, let me remind you...what falls out of the truck ahead of us but a mattress and box springs!  People were swerving, swapping lanes trying to miss this.  That just did me in!  Thankfully this was near the end of our trip!  We headed for lunch at Sticky Fingers and then we were off to the race track.  We were only there about 2 hours.  Here are the pictures I took of Justin from our trip...

Here are the guys right after we arrive at the track!

Checking things out and the cute puppy we found while waiting for the guys to check in!

This is where we got to stand and watch them take off.   

Emma & Evan did NOT like the loud noise.  They were fine until one of the cars took off.  You can tell here Emma is not excited!

Justin all suited up and waiting to enter his car. And then him climbing in.  He was in the second car.  Matt was in the front red car.  They both went at the same time.  

Another shot of him climbing in and them ready to take off!!

I know you can't tell but this is Justin in the car waiting to go.  They pulled up right beside where we were standing and I tried to get Emma & Evan to come up and wave bye to Daddy.  They didn't like Daddy being in this car!  What were Emma & Evan doing this entire time you might ask....

They were pushing their strollers around the area we were standing in.  But kept them entertained and from crying when the cars would take off!! :)

And here he is after the ride is over.  All the guys got out saying WOW.  They were clocked at doing about 168 miles per hour.  They all said they have a new respect for a Nascar driver.  How they can mentally drive a car at that high of a speed and he able to make last minute decisions like they have to do it amazing.  All of the guys had a great time and would love to do it again.  For quite a bit more can go and actually drive the car yourself instead of having a professional driver drive you.  That may be our next trip!!  As we waited in line to pick up the pictures they take of you in the car...Evan found himself a little resting place!  
Yes, that is him sitting in a tire! :)  I have to brag a little on them now.  They did excellent Saturday.  We got up Saturday morning at like 6:30.  They didn't sleep at all on the trip up there.  They sat in their seats and watched their movies the entire time.  Not once did they cry.  They were great while we ate at Sticky Fingers.  They entertained themselves at the race track.  After we left the race track...we headed to the hotel to check in.  It was now after 3:00 and they still had had no nap.  As soon as we loaded them up and headed to the hotel, they were both out!  The hotel wasn't even 5 minutes from the rack track.  Justin went inside with everyone else and got us all checked in.  He even carried all our bag inside and can back to help me get them in.  Our plans were to let them nap and then just meet up with the rest of the crew about 5:00 to do a little shopping. They all headed out as soon as they got checked in.  All the guys were going to the Bass Pro Shop and the Concord Mills mall is right there too.  However, Emma & Evan both woke up as we were carrying them inside the hotel. They had maybe been asleep 15 minutes.  So, needless to say, once we got in the room...they weren't going back to sleep.  After about 45 minutes of trying to get them to lay down...we gave up and headed to the Mall ourselves.  Evan stayed with Justin and the rest of the guys and Emma & I went to meet the girls.  We left the mall at about 6:30 and headed out for supper.  We had planned to eat at Texas Roadhouse but the wait there was over 2 hours.  It was 7:00 by this time. We decided to eat at Red Lobster because it was right at the hotel.  The wait there was supposed to be 45 minutes.  After 8:00 we were still waiting.  We considered taking Emma & Evan back to the hotel and just going through a drive-thru.  We waited it out though.  It was about 8:15 when they seated us.  Now...just remember they had been up since 6:30 that morning...going non-stop all day with only a 15 minute nap.  Even me & Justin were tired by now.  They did excellent at supper.  They sat in their high chairs and ate their supper.  They colored and played with our phones the rest of the time.  They even sang Old McDonald to us!  I was so proud of them because they were beyond exhausted!  We finally got back to the hotel and them in the bed about 10:30.  We got up about 8:00 Sunday morning.  After breakfast, chatting, & packing up...we left about 10:30 and headed home.  The rest of the crew decided we would take a different route home and let me just tell you this different route was interstate all the way back to Clinton.  Don't forget it was POURING down rain.  Going 70 miles per hour in the pouring rain with 18-wheeler flying past you...will make anyone have a nervous breakdown!  I am thinking before our Atlanta trip I will get me some sleeping pills or anxiety medicine! :)  So, that was our trip!  IT was a FUN time.   other Turner was St. Patrick's Day.  Of course I took a picture of my cuties this morning!!  Who would ever pinch these sweet babies???

Also, our floors arrived last week and our new doors will either be in this Thursday or this Saturday.  Alison goes for her gender ultrasound on Friday and we will have her reveal party on Sunday!  I am so excited to see what Baby Romagnoli is!!  Stay tuned....  

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