Friday, November 29, 2013

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas...

I am one of those people who refuse to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over.  I feel like people go straight from Halloween to Christmas and to me Thanksgiving is an important holiday!  So, since Thanksgiving has come and gone it was time to get out the Christmas decorations and time to go Christmas shopping!  Me & momma went out about 6:00 this morning and Greenwood was dead!  I guess everyone went last night.  It worked well for us because we didn't have to fight any crowds.  Katie met us later in the morning. I was able to almost finish my shopping this morning.  Then, it was home to decorate before Justin went hunting.  Here are a couple pictures of our decorations.  Sorry the pictures aren't very clear.  I need a better camera!
Our Christmas tree.  Still no presents but once I get some tape....that will change!

Our mantle.  Evan isn't sure about this Santa Claus!  Momma told him it wouldn't hurt him and he has walked around all day saying "He won't hurt you!"  It's too funny!

And the outside.  All that's missing is my spotlight which will make it's way to the front yard hopefully tomorrow!

I want to put a little tree in each of their rooms and let them decorate it...but that will have to wait until next year!  They are still into taking the ornaments off the tree and that wouldn't work well with a tree in their rooms!  We already have most of Emma & Evan's Christmas shopping done!  I bought their big gifts from Wal-Mart back in October.  However...I found a better deal on Evan's gift!  The tractor we got Evan was just the front end loader.  Tractor Supply had the front end loader with the trailer attachment for almost $70 less than what I paid for the one we got.  Plus, it has flashing lights that ours didn't have!  So, as of right now we have two tractors...but the Wal-Mart one is going back soon!  Here is a picture of his little tractor.  I am so excited for him to see it.  Emma has already seen it and knows where we are hiding it.  She keeps trying to tell Evan about it but luckily he doesn't know what she is trying to tell him! :)

Daddy needs to get to work putting Emma's gift together!! Also, our Elf on the shelf is going to make his appearance Sunday morning.  I asked Emma & Evan what they wanted to name their elf.  They both said "Amos".  They are obsessed with Katie's dog!  So, unless they tell me another looks like our Elf may be named "Amos"!  Anyways....I will be posting later about the arrival of "Amos" or whatever we decide to name him!  We have a BUSY week ahead or rather weeks ahead! Monday is bible study, Tuesday is mine & Katie's 30th birthday, then Friday me & momma are going to some place near Greenville to buy fabric.  She is getting a chair covered and Emma needs curtains.  This place is only open 3 days a we didn't have much choice as to when we were going.  Then, Friday night Justin & I are planning to take Emma & Evan to Hollywild.  I know that's a lot in one day...but it was our only open weekend night!  I think Evan will love it.  Emma probably won't be too thrilled but oh well!  Then, Saturday night is our Sunday School progressive supper.  And Sunday is Justin's mom's family gathering for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They decided to just do one gathering this year!  See why I wanted my Christmas shopping done early???  Anways...hope you guys are getting into the Christmas spirit!!

Oh...BY THE WAY... we have some exciting news at the Turner household!!  Evan used the potty for the first time this week.  I haven't really been pushing the whole potty issue.  We bought a potty a few weeks ago and have just been introducing them to it.  So, it was much to our surprise & Evan's when he used the potty!  Emma is starting to tell us when she has gone to the potty training is going to start soon!  Hopefully that will go good! :)

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