Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

At this time two years ago today...Justin and I were brand new parents!  We had no idea what was in store for us!  We were just thankful they were here, healthy & safe!  The past two years have been the most exciting two years of our lives.  These two kiddos are some of the sweetest, most precious children, who can also make us wonder why we ever thought we would make good parents.  Regardless of whether we've had good days or bad days...we just know that we were twice blessed two years ago and couldn't imagine our lives without these two little blessings!!  So, how did we celebrate our little ones turning two???  Justin and I got up extra early so we would be ready for work before they got up.  I even cooked us some blueberry muffins!  Their presents were in the kitchen waiting for them once I got them up.  Evan walked in the kitchen, turned and looked at us with his little look and said "Wooo".  They both loved their presents!!  Next year we will do presents after we get home from school because it was a fight to get dressed and in the car when all they wanted to do was play!!  Here are a couple pictures of them with their presents from me & Justin. 
Then it was time for our muffins, singing "Happy Birthday", and blowing out the candles.  Evan did so great blowing out his candles we let him blow out Emma's too!  She didn't want to do it! 
Then it was time to get dressed and ready for school.  I made them cute little shirts that said Birthday Boy & Birthday Girl!  They are the greatest pictures but considering my wiggly subjects...I was just happy with what I got!!   

That was it for our morning celebration and photo shoot.  I took cupcakes to their class at school for their party.  I was going to make these cute owl cupcakes for their party Saturday and even had all the stuff but I just ran out of time.  So, the class at school got the owl cupcakes.  Are these cute of what???

Not really sure why this picture is printing sideways...but at least you can see how cute the cupcakes were.  As soon as I got to their class they were in the bye bye buggy.  Emma immediately started crying to get out and for me to hold her.  Mrs. Melissa pushed them to the classroom and Evan went and sat at the table like a good little boy. 
And this is what Emma did when I tried to make her sit at the table like a good little girl should...

I am sure Evan is thinking..."What is wrong with her???"

But she got better and ate her cupcake! 
Tonight we celebrated one last time with dinner at O'Charleys!  We haven't been there in forever and it was YUMMY!!  So, it is time to bring this year's birthday celebrations to an end.  No worries though...I am already working on next years!! :)  I'll end today's post with again saying how blessed we are to have the most precious two year olds ever!!  We love you Emma & Evan!!  Happy Birthday!!



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