Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Learning Express"- A New Adventure

As I mentioned in my last post...Emma & Evan started Learning Express this past Monday. This was a day I had been dreading. I am not a fan of leaving my babies with people I know, much less people I don't know. We went to orientation on the Thursday before and met their teacher, Mrs. Linda. She really did seem like she already loved E&E but I was still a nervous momma. So, Monday came and as you recall Justin is out of town for work and we have been braving it on our own. So Sunday night...I packed their bags and laid our their clothes as well as my clothes so that ordeal of what to wear Monday morning was taken care of. We all got in the bed early. E&E always go to bed early but I have been taking advantage of Justin being gone to go to bed early too. I got up and got myself ready. My mom came by to help me get the babies ready. We fed them and dressed them and it was time to leave. Meg had offered to help me get the babies inside every morning. Since she was waiting on us I didn't want to be late. We left at 7:40 which should have been plenty of time to get to South Main. We got stuck in traffic at the intersection of Marshall Road and New Market street so I decided them...we needed a new route in the mornings. We finally arrived at South Main and Meg was waiting to help get us inside. We went into the baby room and the lady in there took Emma and sat her down on the floor where another child was playing. The teacher pushed the toy that other child was playing with and it made this loud noise which caused Emma to start crying. She doesn't like loud noises. By this time, the other teacher had taken Evan from me. I quickly kissed Evan bye and left. I couldn't stand to stay there and watch my sweet pea cry. I immediately called Justin and told him I wasn' leaving them there again. Right after that Jillian sent me a picture of Emma and she was fine. She continued to update me throughout the morning. That was our only little problem with Day 1. Day 2 went much better. When we got there...they took Evan and sat him on the floor. He started playing away. Then, they took Emma. I had already kissed Evan so I kissed her and she was fine. Again Jillian sent me pictures and text throughout the day letting me know E&E were doing fine! Here are the pictures from our morning photo shoot the first day.
Emma's ready for her 1st day!

My sweet peas!!

Evan is real excited about his first day!

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