Friday, September 7, 2012

Healthier times are here to stay...HOPEFULLY!

As the title hints...the Turner's have been sick!  We made it two days at Learning Express and both babies caught at cold or something viral as Dr. Fielder said!  Then, they passed it on to mommy!!  When I got home last Wednesday, Emma's nose was running.  I actually thought she was going through the teething process and really didn't think anything of it.  As the afternoon worn on...the snot got WORSE and so did poor Emma's breathing.  Over into the night...I had to put her in the bed with me because she couldn't breathe.  I spent the whole night trying to suck her nose out just so she could breathe.  Of course she wanted her paci to sleep and that just made the breathing worse.  So, we were up and down all night.  Remember all this was going on while Justin was out of town and I was home alone with the babies.  I took her to the doctor Thursday and got some medicine.  Then, as you can imagine...Evan's nose started running Thursday.  I immediately started giving him Emma's medicine too.  Thursday night was REAL fun.  Neither of them could breathe and cried on and off all night. I am by myself with this.  I actually slept part of the night on the floor in their room so I wouldn't have to keep going from one side of the house to other all night.  Friday at nose started running and I knew I had it then.  So, I left and went home.  Of course as the day went on....I got worse and worse.  Justin came home Friday and I did everything I could possibly do to keep him from catching it.  Lysol was my best friend.  Justin absolutely hates the smell of Lysol and really I do to...but it was neccesary to keep the germs away.  I ended up at the doctor Saturday and got myself some medicine.  We are now all better and back at school.  Let's just hope this won't be a reoccuring event because it was NO FUN!! :)  This coming weekend we are celebrating Justin's 31st birthday.  Yes, it is odd to celebrate 31 but since bedrest kept us from celebrating his big 3-0...we are celebrating now!  Pics and a new post coming soon!! :)

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