Sunday, August 26, 2012

A whole lot of "FIRSTS"

This post is all about our "first" that are taking place this weekend and the week to come!  First and most important Evan got his first tooth today!!  I have known it was coming for a while now...but it finally broke through the skin this morning.  He started drooling like crazy at 3 months and 6 months's finally here!  Our second first of the weekend is that mommy and babies are tackling staying at home by ourselves!  I have NEVER stayed by myself and I am braving it this week with 2 babies!!  I should get a supermom award!  Justin had to go out of town for work yet AGAIN and instead of disrupting mama & papa's whole week..we thought we would try to be brave and stay by ourselves.  I am more than ready for Justin to start his new job (Sept. 17th) so trips will be no more, over time will be no more...and he will FINALLY be able to spend time with us and doing things he wants to do rather than working his life away!  He is a great dad who always does whatever he needs to provide for us!!  The 3rd first is that Emma & Evan start Learning Express tomorrow.  There will be another post on that subject coming soon with our first day pictures!  For now...I am going to bed and try to not think about Justin not being here!  I am a big girl...and we GOT this!! :)

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