Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go AWAY...

It is a dreary Saturday here in the ole Ninety Six.  Emma & Evan are napping & Justin is at I thought I would blog for a little while.  I have written the mountain update but the adapter for my camera card is broken and I can't find one anywhere in Greenwood.  I haven't checked Office Max hopefully they will have one.  Once I can get my pictures uploaded...the mountain trip blog will be posted.  We are getting ready for Easter around here.  I ordered Emma & Evan the cutest little monogrammed shirts off Etsy and they should be here before too much longer.  I am trying to convince Katie that we need to invest in a monogram machine.  It is ridiculous what I pay for monogrammed stuff!!  Surely as many people as there are that can monogram...we should be able to do it.  So, what are Emma & Evan up to... They have a new bedtime of 7:00.  No you aren't reading that wrong...they are literally going to bed at 7:00 and sleeping through the night until usually 6:30 or 7:00 the next morning.  Normally I wouldn't be one to complain about this because this girls loves her sleep too...but we don't have time to do anything before they are ready to go to bed.  Those of you who know my two know when it's's bedtime.  There is no stalling or trying to keep them awake.  Each night it's like before baby times again!!  Emma now has 3 of her 4 hopefully teething will come to an end for her before long.  Evan still doesn't have any.  We defintiely think they are coming though!! :)  Evan's new favorite words are Thank You, apple, & PaPa.  It is so cute.  Emma still isn't saying too many things.  My mom says it's because she always has the paci in her we are limiting paci time.  They will fold their hands as we say our blessings before meals.  I know they do this at they are getting the hang of it.  They will follow simple command like helping to pick up toys and to bring me things when I ask for them.  Oh and they LOVE to throw away their diapers.  Once you finish changing them...they stand right beside you waiting for you to hand them the dirty diaper.  They will take it to the trash and throw it away.  I hope their love for cleaning continues into their teenage years! They both LOVE some praise.  After everything they do they start clapping.  I guess we have started that by clapping for everything they do...but it is so funny to watch them clap for themselves!!  Never hurts to boost their own self-esteem right???  Spring is here and summer will be before long.  Justin is supposed to work on getting our deck finished so we can block Emma & Evan off from the pool today.  That is why my title hints Rain Rain Go Away.  I have been wanting him to do this all winter.  He decided that since April is just around the corner and he plans to spend every Saturday Turkey hunting..that he needed to get this done now. Putting up this gate and rails will also give us a place to let Emma & Evan play outside where they will still be confined.  They are getting outside things for Easter so we are anxious to be able to use them.  Bubbles and play dough and things like that are much better outside activities than inside activities!!   So, that is our weekly update.  Hope you all have a fun-fill dry weekend!! 

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