Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another week behind us...

I don't normally wish my life away...but I will be GLAD for this week to be OVER!!  Our week started out pretty bad and didn't get much better. Emma & Evan were both sick Saturday with runny noses and crankiness.  Friday night my throat was killing  I decided to take Emma & myself to the doctor on Sunday and we both left with antibiotics.  Evan was already on an I didn't feel the need to take him with us.  He actually went to do some things with his Daddy.  They went to visit an older man that Justin turkey hunts with, they went to check the trail cameras, and ended up at the Stewart's house.  Sam worked on Justin's bow for him.  After Emma & I left the doctor's office, we did a little shopping while our medicine was being filled.  Justin and I are going to a wedding in April where everyone is wearing cowboy boots and I didn't have we were on a mission to find me some boots.  We found some at Shoe Carnival that I love.  We also visited K-Mart for some baby essentials.  Little Miss Social Butterfly proceeded to wave at everyone that passed us as we strolled down the isles.  You would have never known she was sick.  Emma & Evan have both been sleeping A LOT this week.  Monday when they got in the car from school they both fell asleep...which was 12:00 and Abbey had to wake them up at 3:30 to feed them.  They both have slept MUCH better the past fews nights...can you tell I am one THANKFUL momma??  Hopefully we are all getting better.  I went for my follow-up with Dr. Tarasidis on Monday and to review my bloodwork.  I got really good news.  My right thyroid is doing a fantasitic job and I won't need to take medicine.  He was very pleased with the whole surgery and released me from his care.  Since the mass wasn't cancer and there weren't any nodules in my right thyroid...he is hoping that I won't have any more problems.  Yay!!!  Momma and Daddy are busy getting their house packed!  I'm not going to lie-- I was sad when I drove up Sunday and saw the sold sign in the yard.  We know the couple buying it and know that they will love it as much as we did...but it is still hard to imagine someone else living in our house! :(  The other house is just about finished.  All the painting is done and Gary Price is coming to talk with them next week about the additions they are doing.  We have a lot of moving to help with over the next few weeks.  Since Daddy is just now healing from his knee surgery and momma still isn't supposed to be using her arm for lifting...they will need LOTS of help.  On the bright side...she is fixing to start keeping Emma & Evan again.  She is such a lifesaver!!  Last night we celebrated her 61st birthday.  Emma, Evan, & Alison missed the party.  Emma & Evan were already asleep because they decided to only take one 30 minute nap bedtime was extremely early!!  Alison is in Santee with Nick for his birthday, which was the 6th.  We had planned to celebrate momma & Daddy's birthday's next weekend while we were all in the mountains but we just had to do something on momma's birthday.  She goes out of her way EVERY year to do something for that only seemed fair!!  I am so thankful to have such a wonderful mom.  I can't imagine my life without her!!  Work is starting to get interesting.  At the end of last year, we talked about me taking on several new roles and now it has turned into me taking on a lot of new roles.  I actually got started with some of the new things this week and I love it.  Budgets and managing money are right up my alley!! :)  I knew that financial planning degree would come in handy one day!!  This weekend is supposed to be warm and we are going to get outside and have some fun.  It will be spring and summer before we know it and I can't wait!!  We all have our new Easter outfits ready and waiting!!  Anyways...this is just a little update about our week. Hope your's was healthier than ours!!
My sweet boy is ready for spring & summer. 
Momma's birthday cake!

Me & Katie with the birthday girl.  Just noticed how big the shirt makes me look.  No more wearing it!! :)  I also just noticed my last few post have had no pictures of Emma.  Probably because my little wiggle worm won't be still...but the next post will have some pictures of Emma.  No showing favoritism in this family!! :)

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