Wednesday, March 13, 2013

15 month update...better late than never!!

A couple days ago a friend of mine posted on Facebook about taking her little boy for his 15 month check-up! What???  A 15 month check-up???  We didn't have one of those and we go to the same doctor.  I called immediately to check and see what the deal was and just as you would know it we missed our 15 month check-up.  So, we went for that today.  Actually I took Emma on Monday because she STILL has a lot of green yucky junk running out of her nose.  This has been going on for weeks now.  Good news...the ear infection was cleared up but Dr. Felder put Emma on Zyrtec because she thinks Emma may have allergies.  NO SURPRISE THERE!!!  Back to our 15 month update.  The appointment was at 10:00 and Justin met me at the Dr. Office.  Evan was not in a good mood because he wanted to get down and I am not about to let him roam around that germ infected place.  We have enough trouble staying well without doing that.  So, he was already pitching a fit before we even saw the doctor.  Fun times....I tell ya!!  Evan weighed in at 25lb 8oz (58%) and was 32 in long (68%).  He head is 19in (90 something %).  Emma weighed in at 23lb 8oz (56%) and was 30 in long (36%).  Her head is also 19in.  They both are doing great developmentally according to all the questions Dr. Felder asked.  We ended the appointment with 2 shots.  You can imagine how that went with a baby that was already CRANKY!!  We got in the car and as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot Evan was asleep!!  After naptime and lunch...they seem to be back to normal.  Dr. Felder also gave us a new antibiotic for Emma.  This makes #4!  I hate giving her all this medicine.  She is going to become immune to antibiotics before long.  Hopefully this one will help get rid of all her congestion.   We are getting ready for our 1st mountain trip this coming weekend.  It looks like we are going to have perfect weather.  Yay for a weekend away!  Be sure to check back next week to see how our weekend went.  It's time for me to go start supper.  Happy Wednesday!!

Momma and Emma before church on Sunday!

Momma & picture I could get!!

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