Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 36

Today starts weeks 36!!  I can't believe we still don't have any babies!!  Since week 25, I have worried and worried that they would come too early and have to go to the NICU and here we are 11 weeks later and the babies don't have any desire to come out!!  I had my weekly appointment with Dr. Forrest yesterday.  She also couldn't believe I was still pregnant.  She actually said "We have done a good job keeping you pregnant this long!"  If we make it to 37 weeks...they will be considered full-term.  I think for the most part all their organs should be developed by now.  The last thing to develop is their lungs and with all the steroid shots I have gotten...their lungs should be good to go!!  Plus...if they are gaining weight like they should, they should weigh about 6 lbs now.  That is 12 pounds of baby and since I have now gained 20 lbs...they are still the majority of that weight gain!!  Dr. Forrest checked me today to see if I had dilated any.  She said I hadn't and that the only thing keeping me from dilating is the fact that I had the LEEP back in 2007 and it created scar tissue that is keeping my cervix closed.  I think she could tell I was a little disappointed that even with getting up last week that nothing had changed.  She changed her mind and said I might be dilated 1 cm or a fingertip!!  I think she was just trying to make me feel better!! I am no longer taking my Procartia for contractions.  I guess they don't need to control them anymore.  I feel like I am having them all the time but they still aren't very strong.  Dr. Forrest wants me to have another ultrasound next Tuesday to check their growth one more time before the section...if I am still pregnant next Tuesday.  I can pretty much guarantee I will still be pregnant.  Then I will get to see Dr. Forrest afterwards.  This will be my last regular appointment before the babies are born.  IF I am still pregnant the following week...I will have my c-section on the 29th of November.  I will have to go to the Diagnostic Center on the 28th, which is Monday, for my pre-op and they will tell me what time to be at the hospital on Tuesday.  On the other hand...I had the strangest thing happen to me last night.  I was laying in the bed and praying for the babies because they hadn't really be moving that much.  I have been really worried about that because it their movement decreases it could be that something is wrong.  So, as I laid there praying that my sweet babies were okay, I distinctly heard a voice say "tonight at 8:00".  I am not really sure what this means...but all I can think is that these babies are going to be born tonight at 8:00.  That thought really SCARES me.  It may have nothing to do with the babies but it was really weird.  I immediately woke Justin up and told him what had happened just in case they do come tonight...I wanted him to know what happened!!  So, we are just patiently waiting to see what happens and on the arrival of out little miracles.  We are so ready to meet them.  I am ready for the whole labor part to be over with and to be able to hold our babies and not have to worry about them as much anymore.  I know my worrying is just beginning but it will be a different kind of worrying!!  I will be able to hold them and know they are alive and well!!  While they are still inside me, I can't tell what is going on with them!!  So, unless something changes between now and next Tuesday...I will be updating next week.  If Emma & Evan decided to make their appearance sooner...I will be sure to post sooner!!  Until next time...

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