Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 35

Well, we made it to 35 weeks!!  I had my weekly appointment this afternoon with Dr. Carter.  He was very impressed that I was still pregnant!!  He said I have done really good and that if he were me he would be getting up now.  So, I don't have to lay down all the time anymore.  If the babies were to come now...the should be just fine.  I still haven't dilated any but my cervix is very thin.  I feel like as soon as I do start getting up some it won't be long before they come.  He also stopped the home monitor for contractions.  The purpose of this was to keep me from going into labor early but if I were to go into labor now...they wouldn't stop it so the monitoring was really pointless.  We are scheduling my section for either Nov. 29th or Dec. 1st because those are the two days in week 38 that Dr. Forrest is working.  They don't really think I will go that far, but it will definitely give me an end date to look forward too.  We will definitley know which day tomorrow.  Dec. 1st would be cool since that was Grammy's birthday but I am hoping we don't go that far.  I am really hoping they come next Friday so they will be home for Thanksgiving. Whenever they want to come will be fine..but if I could choose next Friday will be great!!  My next appointment is on Tuesday of next week with Dr. Forrest at 3:40.  They wanted me to schedule my appointment with her since she will be the one doing my section if we make it to the scheduled date.  Unless something happens before then, I will post more next week after our appointment.  We have all our bags packed and ready to go.  We are just waiting for Emma & Evan to make their appearance!! 

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