Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 34

As for week's almost gone & still no babies!!  We are doing awesome!!  We went for our growth ultrasound last Wednesday.  Evan weighed 5lb 9oz & Emma weighed 5lb 4oz.  That was great news because if they weigh at least 5 lbs and can breathe on their own...that will mean no NICU!!!  That has been one of the main things we have been praying for.  Along with two healthy babies and a safe delivery.  On the ultrasound you could Emma was practicing breathing which is a good sign that her lungs are developing.  They may not be full mature just yet, but she will probably be able to breathe on her own.  Evan wasn't doing very much this time other than covering his face with his hands!  He didn't want us messing with him apparently!!  Also, the ultrasound lady pointed out to us that Emma has hair.  I was so excited because I already have her LOTs of hairbows and I may get to use them sooner rather than later!!  I saw Dr. Beaudrot after the ultrasound and he said both babies looked great.  I was supposed to schedule my c-section but the lady was already gone for the day since our appointment was so late.  He told me to call back the next day and they would schedule it.  I called on Friday and the lady was supposed to check with Dr. Forrest today and call me.  Since I still haven't heard from looks like I may be asking again at my appoinment on Wednesday.  We did have to go to the hospital on Sunday.  Saturday night when I monitored I hade 14 contractions the first hour.  I had to remonitor and only had 4 the second hour.  Then Sunday morning, I had 7 contractions the first hour, 9 contractions the second hour, and 4 the third hour.  My Alere nurse called and Dr. Erickson was on call again.  He thought I needed to come in and  be checked.  So to the hospital we go!!  They hooked me up to the monitors and I wasn't really having any contractions.  He did check me and I still haven't dilated any so they sent me home.  Like I said before, we have another appointment on Wednesday with Dr. Carter.  I will keep you posted on how that goes.  I am hoping the babies come this Friday so their birthday will be 11-11-11.  I doubt that will happen but it would be a cool we would hopefully be home before Thanksgiving!!  We will see though! 

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