Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 33

Well, the past two weeks have been anything but uneventful!!  I have offically become a regular at the hospital, but if it keeps my babies in a little longer...that is where I will go!!  We saw Dr. Carter at my week 32 apointmant.  Still not dilated any and did another FFN test which was negative again.  Woo Hoo!!  That should get us safely to 34 weeks.  The following Saturday, which was Oct. 22nd, Alison got engaged and sent me to the hospital because I had 20 contractions within one hour!!  I was already remonitoring when she came by because I had to many contractions the first hour and as you can tell me, Emma, & Evan got a little too excited.  They just monitored me for a while and things seemed to settle down.  Dr. Forrest did check me again & still wasn't dilated any!  So, we came home fairly quickly and Justin still managed to get in his deer hunting for the day!!  My 33 week appointment was the next Thursday, the 27th, with Dr. Forerest...who I am really starting to LOVE!!  She told us it was fabulous that we had made it to 33 weeks and that we could breathe a lot easier now.  They don't worry as much about long term birth defects once a baby reaches 33 weeks.  We definitely decided on a c-section.  No need to chance a natural birth that ends up in a c-section anyway.  We will schedule that at my 34 weeks appointment, which is this Wednesday, Nov.2nd. We also have an ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday to check their growth!!  Back to last week though.  On Saturday, Oct. 29th, I woke up feeling like I was having contractions, so I decided to monitor earlier than normal.  I had 8 in that hour and they don't want me having more than 5, so I had to remonitor!  The second time I only had they said I was okay.  The contractions still seemed to be coming all afternoon, so I just decided to remonitor myself.  This time I only had 5 but they sent me on to the hospital to be checked anyway.  Hints why I feel like a regular at the hospital now!! :)  They had to give me a shot to stop the contractions and it worked for a little while but they started back up too quickly.  Dr. Erickson was on call.  He came and checked me and I still haven't dilated any so they gave me another shot for the contractions and it worked better this time.  He wanted to do anotherr FFN test.  Dr. Forest told me at my 33 week appointment that they wouldn't  repeat this test anymore because the likelihood of me going into labor within the next few weeks was very high anyway.  But, Dr. Erickson went ahead and it did come back positive. We weren't surprised.  So, they decide to give me a 2nd steroid shot to make sure the babies lungs are as developed as possible, should they come within the next two weeks.  We got to come home Sunday night, after the 2nd dose of the steroid shot and that brings us up to date!!  Here it is Monday morning and we have almost made it to 34 weeks. Woo Hoo!!  I will update again Wednesday after the ultrasound!!  Let's hope Emma & Evan are growing and are still measuring right on track or ahead would be nice!  Until next time...  

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