Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week 31

Well, we have made it to week 31!!  So, whats been happening over the past two weeks???  Lots of stuff!!   We saw Dr. Forest for my week 30 check-up.  She was awesome! We did another FFN test which came back NEGATIVE again...Woo Hoo!!  She scheduled me an ultrasound and also set me up for home monitoring for the contractions!  She did more at that appointment than any of the others for the past 4 weeks.  My cervix was still closed and even though it was very soft, she said she could still feel a little thickness.  She could also feel Evan's head!  I panicked and quickly asked if he was coming and as she laughed she said No!  So now we are monitoring contractions from home.  Everyday, I will have to hook myself up for an hour at the time twice a day and this machine monitors me.  Then I have to send the report to a nurse that will review it.  I also have to take my blood pressure and send that once a day too.  They will be calling everyday to check on me.  This has so far, not been the experience I was expecting.  We have had a trip to the hospital and lots of calls to the doctor's office because I am having so many contractions!!  Thankfully they aren't painful yet and aren't strong enough to make me start dilating!  I am now taking my procardia every 4 hours and three of the six times I take it each day...I have to take 2 pills!!  As for my 31 week ultrasound!  Both babies are head down.  Still haven't decided on delivery yet though!  Both babies were measuring 31 weeks, which was right on track.  Evan weighs 3lb 15oz and Emma weighs 3lb 10oz.  Almost 4 lbs each!! :)  On Thursday..the day after my ultrasound and dr. appointment, I felt horrible all day.  At 4:30, I started throwing up and it just got worse!  Ended up going to the hospital because I was getting dehydrated and had to stay until Saturday, so I could stay on an IV.  We think this all stemed from acid reflux...which I am now on medicine for and it is helping tremendously!!  Plus, I had a bladder infection.  Sunday, we had our "Bare Bottom Babies" shower with Justin's family and it was GREAT!!  We got lots of diapers & wipes!!  Tuesday rolled around and I started cramping like you wouldn't believe!  I got real worried because this is a sure sign of labor!  Mind you we were 1 day away from 32 weeks!  Ended up back at the hospital and found out I had a bad UTI.  Apparently it didn't get cleared up from when I was in the hospital previously even though I was on antibiotics while there.  Dr. Dixon checked me and my cervix is still closed.  We changed over to 32 weeks today and go for my regular appointment tomorrow!  We will update again next week.  Still hoping for at least two more weeks before they come!!  We can do it!  God has definitely been on our side here lately and we just know He is watching over me & these babies!!  My new favorite verse has become John 14:14..."Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it".  We are just asking that He gives us two healthy babies in His timing, a safe delivery, & no NICU!!  Now we are just trusting in His promise and awaiting the arrival of our little miracles as we continue on in Our Faithful Journey!!

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