Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Babies Are Here!!

Well...it has been almost 4 weeks since I updated last and there is a good reason for it.  The babies made their appearance on November 19th!!  In my last post, I had gone to the doctor for my week 36 check-up on Wednesday and there were no changes.  I still wasn't dilated any.  On Thursday night, I started having lots of contractions and went into be checked on Friday.  I saw Dr. Beaudrot and he said there were still no changes.  Saturday, I was at my mom's just standing in the kitchen around lunch time and it was like I peed on myself.  This had never happened before so I wasn't sure if I had peed on myself or if my water had broke.  I texted Justin because he was in the woods hunting and told him that he might need to come home.  I called the nurse on call and she told me that it could just be that one of the babies had pushed on my bladder.  She told me to change my pad, be sure my bladder was empty, and that if it were to happen again, that I needed to call her back.  It happened 2 more times, so I called the nurse back and she wanted me to go to the hospital and be checked.  We got there a little after 4:00.  They did a test to check and see if the fluid I was leaking was amiotic fluid and it was.  This test isn't the best one so then they did another test.  The first test doesn't cost me anything but the second did...that is why they start with the first test.  Dr. Carter was on call and he ordered the second test.  It came back positive too so that meant babies would be born that night.  So, we called our parents and told them that this was it!!  Justin's family was having their family gathering with the Leopard's...so Mike & Dottie had to try and get everyone gone so they could be there when the babies were born.  The anithesioligist came in and told me everything he would be doing and that we would go into surgery within the next 45 minutes.  This would have been about 6:00.  Our families all got to the hospital as we were sitting in the room just waiting.  There was an emergency in the ER, so they pushed my section back until 8:00.  BUT...about 7:15 the nurses came in and told Justin to get dressed we would be heading back within 15 minutes.  It seemed like a million people were in and out of the room doing things and boy did I start getting nervous!!  We headed back at 7:30.  Justin wasn't allowed in the room while they did the spinal.  As soon as that was over and Dr. Carter had started cutting on me, Justin was allowed in the room.  At 7:54, Evan Curtis Turner was born and weighed 6lb 3oz.  At 7:56 Emma Caroline Turner was born and weighed 5lb 8oz.  Both babies were doing good and didn't have to go to the NICU!!  They took the babies to recovery and Justin went with them while Dr. Carter finished up with me.  It took me about 30 more minutes and they wheeled me into recovery with the babies.  Evan's sugar was low so we had to immediately try breastfeeding him.  He sucked a little bit but not enough so they had to feed him some from the syringe.  Emma's breathing was too fast, so they made me hold her skin to skin to see if that would slow her breathing down.  It worked and feeding Evan brought his sugar up...so we just had to wait and be watched for the next 2 hours.  Both babies got their first bath and finally it was time to go back into my room and let our families see the babies.  They wheeled me in first and then the babies behind me.  Justin thought it would be a fun idea to let everyone guess who was who.  They were all able to guess who was who!!  That was Saturday night.  Sunday, was a bad day!!  We were VERY sleep deprived.  Not because the babies didn't sleep Saturday night...we just didn't sleep for worrying and watching them all night.  Then, with all the visitors we had Sunday there was no time for sleeping.  Both babies were not nursing like they should and that of course was also stressful.  We sent the babies to the nursery for about an hour so we could get some sleep and while they were in there...Emma sit up a lot and turned gray so they had to run something down in her stomach to try and get out as much mucus as they could.  C-section babies have a lot more mucus than vaginal deliveries because this mucus is squeezed out when they go through the birth canal.  Emma's weight was down to 5lb 4oz.  Of course this worried me because 1) she wasn't keeping her food down and 2) if they go less than 5lb...they have to go to NICU.  Plus, on top of that I wasn't going to the bathroom like I should have been.  If I didn't go, they were going to put the caithiter back in.  All this happened Sunday afternoon so I had a little meltdown.  There were people in the hall waiting to see us and I was in the bathroom crying my eyes out to my mom for like 30 minutes.  We ended up sending the babies back to the nursery again Sunday night so we could get some rest.  That was the best decision we could have made.  Monday was much better...baby wise. Evan had his circumcison and did great!!  The doctor said he didn't even cry until it was over.   They had told us that he probably wouldn't eat much that day but he ate like normal. Both babies had their hearing test and passed as well as other test they run on newborns.  Me on the other hand... I didn't do so good.  After the section Saturday...my stomach was almost gone.  By Monday...it had swollen so much from gas that it was almost unbearable!!  They were giving me everything possible to help me pass the gas and nothing was really working.  I even had to walk laps around the hospital trying to help.  That plus being so sore was horrible!!  We were dismissed on Tuesday and got to go home.  Emma's dismissal weight was 5lb 2 oz and Evan's was 6lb 1oz.  Their jaundice levels were 10 on Tuesday.  The doctors don't normally do anything unless the levels were 14.  So, we had to go in for a check on Wednesday and their levels were up to 12...so they had to wear these billy blankets to help.  With the next day being Thursday and Thanksgiving...Dr. Felder didn't want their levels to go to 14 and no one be open to get the blankets to the babies.  So, we spent Thanksgiving wearing these blankets and had to go back on Friday for more bloodwork to see where their levels were.  They were back down to 9 so they were able to come off the blankets.  Since then...we have been adjusting to life with twins!!  My mom has been a lifesaver!!  She has practically lived with me for the past 3 almost 4 weeks and I know we couldn't have made it without her.  She is the best mom ever and I hope to be as good as her one day!!  We went for our two week check-up last Friday, Dec. 9th.  Evan was up to 7lb 7oz and Emma was up to 6lb 5oz.  Both babies are growing.  Evan can no longer wear preemie outfits!!  Both babies still have heads full of hair and it seems to be growing like crazy too.  Before long...Emma will be able to wear her hairbows!!  I can't wait.  I think we have finally figured out a good formula for both babies and they seem to be getting into a sleeping pattern at night.  I think me & Justin are just finally figuring them out.  We are a little sleep deprived but nothing like it could be.  With Christmas just around the corner we have lots going on.  I will try to update again soon!!

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