Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 21

Here we are at week 21!!  The babies are now moving all the time.  Justin, my mom, and Robin at work have all seen one or maybe both of them kicking or hitting me. Normally after I eat something, if I go lay down they will start moving.  I thought I had it figured out as to who was who, but now I am not so sure.  I thought Emma was on my left and Evan was on my right.  But at our last ultrasound, when Joan was measuring Emma she had to go over my belly button, so I think Emma is laying across the top of my stomach and Evan is laying up and down on my left side.  I feel most of the movement on my left side and it is all over the place.  It is the neatest thing ever!!  It is amazing what is going on inside of me.  We finally have all the nursery furniture up and in place.  I LOVE the furniture.  Katie found me some fabric for the crib bedskirt and for the curtains that I also LOVE!!   I was a little skeptical at first when she was describing the fabric, but I don't know why I didn't trust her taste.  She always does so good picking our material...that is why I let her help me in the first place.  It is all different colors with animals printed on it.  It looks perfect with the bumpers I have but I am still not sure about with the sheets.  We may end up taking the sheets back and getting a plain sheets.  That won't be a big deal though.  My mom is going to get to work on making that stuff this coming week and it will add so much to the nursery!  I still need to find a rug for the floor but that will come soon enough.  My mom bought the babies coming home outfits this week and again I LOVE them.  They are the sweetest little outfits.  She has looked everywhere to find these Pattinet outfits and was finally able to find them at a little store in town "The Frilly Frog".  I can't wait to see my precious babies in these little outfits.  I plan to have their pictures made in this outfit once they get here and have it blown up for their room.  I have another ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday, the 9th of August.  It should be just to measure my cervix and make sure things are still going well, but afterwards I get to see Dr. Dixon again.  The babies should both be weighing about a pound by now.  I haven't weighed myself lately so I am not sure how much I have gained.  I will find out Tuesday.  I think my morning sickness is almost gone.  I have gone several days this past week with no medicine.  The couple times I did have to take it was when I think I just had heartburn because the medicine didn't really help.  I hope the old wives tale that when you have a lot of heartburn that your baby will have hair comes true!  Emma already has some bows or barrets that I want her to be able to wear.  I dreamed last week that when they were born both of them had heads full of black hair!  Well see soon enough though.  Hope to have pictures up with the next post.  We have a new computer and I am not sure how to work all that just yet.

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