Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week 19

Here we are almost through week 19!  On Wednesday, I will officially be half way...that is if I make it to 40 weeks.  Last Tuesday, July 19th, we went for our "big" ultrasound in Greenwood.  Baby "A" is still Evan and Baby "B" is still Emma.  As of Tuesday I was 18 weeks and 6 days.  Emma measured 18 weeks 6 days and weighed 10 oz. Evan measured 19 weeks 5 days and weighed 11 oz.  So, they are really close in weight but apparently he must be bigger than her!  His heartbeat this time was 158 beats per minute and hers was 154 beats per minute.  Both babies seemed to be doing just fine.  We got some more ultrasound pictures.  I am pretty sure Evan looks like Justin!  I could be totally wrong but by looking at Evan's reminds me of Justin.  I honestly can't wait to see what they are going to look like! I checked on my weight since I couldn't remember what it was on my first appointment.  I am still not back to my original weight.  I was so worried that since I haven't gain much weight and that I wasn't showing as much as other people who are about as far along as I am and only have 1 baby... that my babies weren't growing like they should be.  But Dr. Forrest said everything looks fine.  I am feeling the babies move more and more.  They tend to move more at night when I lay down.  It is so amazing to feel that!  It is also comforting because I know they are still in there!   At the appointment I also had another ultrasound to check my cervix.  Everything looks good there too so I have to go back in 3 weeks to check that again.  I think I will be going every 2-3 weeks until they get here to check on that.  If it starts shortening any, I will have to go on bedrest.  We are hoping that isn't the case!  So, I go back on Aug. 9th.  At that appointment I get to see Dr. Dixon and I am glad for that!  I had a little scare on Thursday after my appointment on Tuesday.  I started bleeding some and of course I flipped out.  Any little thing like that scares me.  I immediately called the doctor and she told me it was probably just a blood vessel that was popped when they did the cervix ultrasound.  I tried not to worry but that just isn't in my genes!!  So far, it was only that once that I bled.  I am hoping that is all that was wrong.  Trust me...I have listened to their heartbeats CONSTANTLY since Thursday to be sure they were still beating!  My back has started hurting badly.  I can't ever get comfortable anymore and you might as well forget about sleeping!  Every way I lay hurts.  I have always been one that LOVED to sleep but not anymore.  This is probably God's way of preparing me for some long sleepless nights.  Justin has been such a trooper through all of this.  From helping me clean, to doing laundry, to rubbing my back, to going from the bed to the couch and back to the bed all in one night because I couldn't sleep, to putting their furniture together, to just about everything else imaginable... he has just been great!  I know I haven't been the most pleasant person the past 19 weeks but he has sure been a huge help.  I just hope this help continues once the little ones get here! J/K...I know he will be great with them too!! As for the nursery...I put the bumpers and sheets on the cribs.  I still haven't found a fabric I want for the bedskirt and curtains yet.  We have got to get on that because momma wants that finished before school starts and considering school starts in less than 3 weeks...that doesn't leave us much time!!  We are planning to get the computer and computer table out of the nursery within the next few weeks so the changing table won't be sitting in the middle of the floor anymore.  I ordered the wall stickers to go over their cribs this week.  They should be in and up on the walls before the next post.  I am so excited about that!  I think I have three showers planned as of now.  My church shower is on Oct. 2nd, Justin's family is doing a shower on Oct. 16th and I think Katie and Lauren are doing a shower on Sept. 24th or 25th!  I am getting so excited just thinking about those.  Sweet Emma and Evan will be here before we know it! That is about all for my post this week.

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