Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week 17/18

Not much new going on this week with the babies.  I am starting to feel them move more.  It always seems to be at night, which can't be a good sign!!  I bought the babies their first real outfit this week.  Salak Sally was have a 50% off sale and I have a weakness for baby clothes, so I couldn't help myself.  We go Tuesday, the 19th, for our ultrasound here in Greenwood.  This will confirm that baby "A" and baby "B" are still a boy and a girl, and will also do a lot of testing to be sure everything is going fine with the babies.  I am a little nervous about that appoinment but I know that God has blessed us with two beautiful healthy babies!  We prayed for these miracles for so long...and God answered faithfully, so I know he will answer our prayers for two healthy babies also!!  I braved the scales this week and found out I have only gained 2 pounds.  I was worried it might be like 12 I thought that was pretty good.  I actually went the whole day Monday without my "throw-up" medicine.  Tuesday wasn't so good.  I tried to make it two days in a row...but that didn't happen.  I ended up waiting too late to take the medicine and got sick at work.  That wasn't fun.  We are now to Thursday and I again haven't had to take any medicine.  Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine through!! :)   We finally got all the guest bedroom furniture moved back into our small bedroom and set-up and just in time...because the baby furniture is HERE!!   The cribs, dresser, and toy box are in the nursery and put together.  I thought that would be an ordeal but it went rather smoothly...thanks to my sweet hubby!!  Me, Katie, Alison, & momma went to Babies- R- Us last night and the whole theme for my nursery changed.  But, I will defintiely come out cheaper with the new stuff so Justin was excited.  I bought the baby mattresses, crib bumpers, bed sheets, and even some cute maternity clothes for me!  Once Katie helps me pick out the fabric for the bedskirts, curtains, and pillow for mom is going to be one busy person!!  The only thing left to buy other than fabric for the nursery is the lettering for the wall and a rug for the floor.  I can't wait to see it completed.  I am going to post just some random pictures of the furniture but I will be sure to post more once we get everything in place and fixed.  This has been so much fun buying and decorating the nursery!  My church shower has been scheduled for Oct. 2nd and that will be here before we know it.  We have so much fun stuff to look forward to within the next 4-5 months!  That is all for this week.  Enjoy the pictures below!!

Justin getting started with the cribs!

Crib #1 completed!

Crib #2 completed!!

The toybox!

The dresser/ changing table!

Emma & Evan's first "real" outfit!!

Me at 18 is definitely sticking out there!!

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