Friday, August 26, 2011

24 Weeks

Here we are at week 24!  Only 16 more weeks to go.   A lot of things have been going on!  First, I have to telll about my experience with the heating pad because this is something I don't want to forget happened!  Dr. Carter told me it was okay to use a heating pad for my back.  Papa got a serious heating pad fromt he VA and I decided to use it.  I laid down and Justin helped me plug it up.  It started getting hot and boy did both of the babies start moving around like CRAZY!!  I panicked and took it off real quick.  Then, both babies stopped moving immediately, so I had to go get out the hear monitor to be sure their little hearts were still beating.  It was a very scary experience for me and I haven't used that heating pad since.  I decided to stick with Icy Hot.  They don't seem to mind that too much.  Just a funny story I want to be able to tell the twins when they get older.  Now on to the fun stuff!!  I had another doctor's appointment on Thursday, August 25th.  I had to be there at 8:20 for my sugar test.  I had really worried about this.  I couldn't believe that it when the nurse handed me that small little cup of juice for me to drink.  It was hardly nothing.  I had drank it in less than a minute.  It actually tasted pretty good to me.  After an hour they checked my sugar and it was in a normal range so I passed!  Yeah!!  I have now gained 8 pounds!  For twins I am supposed to gain that mich during my 1st trimester, but they have never mentioned my I guess it is alright.  Then, I had another ultrasound.  Joan checked my cervix and it was still really close to 4 cm which is good.  I think the smallest measurement was 3.94cm.  They measure it 3 times and take the shortest length.  Then, she measured both of the babies to see how they were doing.  Evan weighs 1 lb. 12 oz and is measuring in the 76 percentile for his size.  Dr. Forrest says he is going to be a big boy!  Emma weighs 1 lb. 9 oz. and is measuring in the 56 percentile for her size.  Evan's heartrate was 150 bpm and Emma's was 162 bpm.  Then, Joan did some 4-D pictures of the babies.  It was absolutely amazing that even with them being that small you can already tell so much.  Evan looks just like Justin to me!  His little nose and mouth are the exact same as Justin's.  Emma didn't do as well with the picture taking!  Joan was finally able to get her picture but she had her hands up at her face.  She is going to be like her mommy and not like attention and Evan is going to be like his daddy and LOVE attention.  Every ultrasound we have, Evan is showing himself off.  Hopefully that isn't a sign of what is to to come with him.  Then, I got to see Dr. Forrest.  She checked me and said that everything is looking perfect.  I hope it stays that way until these babies can be born safely!! I go back in two weeks and they will check everything again. Both the babies move all the time.  They aren't very active at night which is a good sign.  They aren't keeping me awake, but during the day, someone is moving around all the time.  It is the neatest feeling though!  Still no  new progress with the nursery.  My mom is almost finished with the bed skirts and the curtains.  Hopefully by the next post they will be finished!  I went last weekend and registered at Babies-R-Us.  It was SO much fun!!  I went ahead and bought the stroller and car seats!  Justin put the stroller together last weekend and figured out how the car seats fit into the stroller.  I think we discovered that is more trouble than it will probably be worth, but regardless we know how to do it now!  We are going to register at Wal-Mart Sunday.  My first shower will be Sept. 24th.  Katie, Alison, & Lauren are giving me that one.  I can't wait!  Katie & Alison are going to be such good aunts to these sweet little babies!! Until next time, we will just be taking it easy and hopefully growing like we should!! 

Here is Justin trying to figure out the stroller!

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