Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week 25

Week 25 hasn't gone quite as I had planned. On Wednesday, I called to make appointment because I was having some abnormal discharge and saw Dr. Beaudrot.  He checked me and said everything was fine. I got him to do the FFN test on me becasue they hadn't done it at my appointment last week.  So, I left the office and headed back to work thinking everything was fine.  I called later that afternoon to get the results of the FFN test and it came back positive meaning that protein had shown up in my vagina.  Normally this doesn't show up unless you are about to go into labor,  Dr. Beaudrot scheduled me for an ultrasound at the hospital for the next day and an appointment with Dr. Russell afterwards. So on Thursday we went for the ultrasound. I was 25 weeks 1 day.  Evan measured 26 weeks 4 days and weighs 2 lbs.  Emma was measuring 25 weeks 4 days and weighed 1 lb. 14 oz.  So, they had both gained 6 oz. in 1 week. Their heartbeats were still strong.  Everything with them looked good.  We then had the cervical length ultrasound and headed for Dr. Russell's appointment. Once he finally got my results from the hospital, he said my cervical length looked great.  It was  measuring 3 cm.  I did remind him though that it had been almost 4 cm just a week before.   He decided to go ahead and give me the steroids shots to develop the babies lungs in case I do go into labor early.  I was glad because it is better to be safe rather than sorry.  So, I am now on bedrest and am not able to work anymore.  Mrs. Gail told me that she would start sending me home work with Robin so I could work from home.  It think I am starting to realize why God never let any of those other jobs I wanted work out!!  I knew there was a reason He was keeping me at Davis & Floyd and this could be one of them!! I start going to the doctor every week now to be checked.  We are hoping to at least make it to week 28.  Once we reach that goal, we are hoping for week 30, then week 35.  I know God is in control and is going to take care of my precious babies!!  We have complete faith in Him and know that this is just another hurdle we have to pass while on our Faithful Journey!!  Although it isn't how we planned things it is how God planned things and His plans are always best!!  Until next time...I will just be laying be sure to check back for future updates!! 

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