Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 22

Week 22 proved to be an eventful one!  I went to the doctor on Tuesday for my regular check-up.  It started off with an ultrasound to check my cervix.  It was still measuring over 4 cm which is great.   We won't really worry about it unless it gets less than 2.5 cm.  Joan tried to get us some new ultrasound pictures.  Evan was too busy showing himself off again to let us get a god picture of his face and Emma wouldn't really cooperate either.  We did get one picture of her looking directly at us with her mouth wide open.  I think she may like to talk just like her momma does!! :)  Then, it was time to see Dr. Dixon.  Apparently Evan's head was on my cervix in the ultrasound picture and we had to make sure he wasn't getting ready to come at 22 weeks.  This freaked me out a little.  Of course by the time Dr. Dixon checked me again he had moved but then of course I started worrying about this!  I was measuring at 28 weeks and am only 22 weeks but they said that was normal for twins!  Each babies heartrate was good.  Emma's was 148 beats per minute and Evan's was 158 beats per minute.  Dr. Dixon said the appointment was a very reassuring one and that things were going great.  She then proceeded to tell me if I felt any pressure that I needed to come back in.  Of course I didn't say anything at the time but I feel pressure all the time.  The next day I decided to call back and just check on that.  Of course they wanted to see me again.  So, Dr. Carter checked me again and said he thought everything was still good.  I then had to go back on Friday to have a FFN test done.  This is done to check and see if there is protein in my body.  This protein shows up before girls start going into labor.  Thnakfully this test came back negative, so for now we are still good.  I go back on the 25th for my next check-up.  I will have my sugar test done at 8:20, my ultrasound at 8:30, and then my appointment with Dr. Forrest.  I think they will repeat the FFN then again too.  I am hoping they do I can be sure the babies are staying put like they need to do!!  As of Wednesday, I have only gained 3 pounds.  Each baby should weigh over a pound that isn't much weight that I have actually gained.  They are still moving around a good bit.  Katie was able to feel them this week.  It is so neat.  Me & Justin sit around at night waiting for them to start moving so we can feel them!  I think my mom and I are going to register this week and to buy the car seats and stroller!!  Justin has lots of hunting things going on and doesn't think he would add anything to our registering he said he wouldn't care if just me and momma went.  He will go with me to register at Wal-Mart.  Ms. Nell Jones gave me our baby gifts today.  It was crocheted afghan's that she had hand-made for each baby!  I absolutely love them and can't wait to wrap my sweet babies in them.  It was such a meaningful gift!  My mom is going to start working on the bedskirts this week for the nursery.  I just got her all my material this afternoon.  So, there still won't be any new pictures to post just yet.  Jason & Ashley brought us 13 trashbags FULL of baby clothes.  It was mainly girls stuff from 3-18 months.  I can't imagine where they put all these clothes.  They didn't bring much boy stuff because Cooper is still only 6 months old, but they say they will pass that stuff on too.  We won't have to buy too many clothes for the next few years!  I spent all this week trying to go through all the clothes and put them in tupperware tubs.  That was a chore but we are lucky they let us use the clothes.  Hand-me downs are a great thing!!  That is about all for this past week.  This coming week should be a pretty quiet one.  I will be sure to post about our registering trip!  I can't wait!!

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