Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Six months later...

I started thinking about my blog earlier today and noticed my last post was in April!!  That was six months ago.  In April...I was having to type my blog post on Emma or Evan's iPad because our laptop was slowly dying...and it just wasn't worth it to try to blog anymore.  Since I have gotten a new computer so maybe I can try to blog a little more now.  There is no way I could possibly try to update you on all the things you've missed out on the past six months.  I will try to highlight some of the things we have done.  Well...our swimming pool finally got finished the end of May and we swam all summer.  I can actually say that was well worth our money!!  Even Justin agrees!  We celebrated Laney & Reid's first birthdays!!  We went on our yearly beach trip with the Reid's. We went to the waterpark in Greenville and Evan had his first tubing experience on Lake Greenwood.  Katie & Matt got a boat, so I can see lots of fun tubing adventures in our future.  We went to Frankie's Fun Park and introduced E&E to go-cart racing and arcade games.  Justin had just as much fun as the twins did!! We had many trips to the park and played outside a lot.   I took Emma & Evan both to their first Mommy & Me painting experience.  Evan painted a tractor and Emma painted a ballerina.   Emma and Evan went back to Learning Express and it was a great move for them.  We were thankful for Amy and Building Blocks while we were there but nothing compares to LE and we are so glad to be back!! Emma started dance at Emerald City Dance Explosion and LOVES it!!  We can't wait until her first recital in December!!  Evan has become Daddy's little hunting buddy and LOVES it!!  He started off with dove hunting and moved on to deer hunting.  Emma went once and was too loud and couldn't be still so she isn't allowed to go anymore!! :)  Evan will sit for hours! They usually go hunting on Monday afternoons while me & Emma go to dance!! We found out we were going to get a new nephew in April!!  Yes...Alison was as surprised as we were!!  We are so excited about that!!  We've been to several football games and we went apple picking.  We have been to numerous birthday parties and have several more within the next few weeks...including Emma & Evan's!!  Party planning is WELL underway!  We are excited to be celebrating WESTERN style this year!!  We went to the pumpkin patch with Emma & Evan's classes at school and had a 50's party at school as well.  Just so happens that for Halloween this year...I had bought E&E 50's costumes so we were well prepared for the 50's day at school!!  Just last week we took a surprise trip the State Fair and had a great time.  Not only has life with E&E been exciting but things at work have been exciting too!!  Davis & Floyd is FINALLY getting a make-over!!  We have been in remodel mode since August.  Two weeks ago we got to move back into our new space!! All the orange 70's carpet is gone!!  It's all new, even all of our furniture,  and looks so much better!!  Things are finally looking up for me there!!  More on that to come at a later date!!  We really have been busy and we have some really exciting things planned for E&E over the next few months.  You'll have to stayed tuned and I will try to do better about blogging!!  There was no way I could share pictures of all our events over the last 6 months so I'll end with one of the pictures we took of Emma & Evan for their birthday party!! 
They sure keep us busy but seeing these two smiling faces...makes it so much fun!!

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