Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Six months later...

I started thinking about my blog earlier today and noticed my last post was in April!!  That was six months ago.  In April...I was having to type my blog post on Emma or Evan's iPad because our laptop was slowly dying...and it just wasn't worth it to try to blog anymore.  Since I have gotten a new computer so maybe I can try to blog a little more now.  There is no way I could possibly try to update you on all the things you've missed out on the past six months.  I will try to highlight some of the things we have done.  Well...our swimming pool finally got finished the end of May and we swam all summer.  I can actually say that was well worth our money!!  Even Justin agrees!  We celebrated Laney & Reid's first birthdays!!  We went on our yearly beach trip with the Reid's. We went to the waterpark in Greenville and Evan had his first tubing experience on Lake Greenwood.  Katie & Matt got a boat, so I can see lots of fun tubing adventures in our future.  We went to Frankie's Fun Park and introduced E&E to go-cart racing and arcade games.  Justin had just as much fun as the twins did!! We had many trips to the park and played outside a lot.   I took Emma & Evan both to their first Mommy & Me painting experience.  Evan painted a tractor and Emma painted a ballerina.   Emma and Evan went back to Learning Express and it was a great move for them.  We were thankful for Amy and Building Blocks while we were there but nothing compares to LE and we are so glad to be back!! Emma started dance at Emerald City Dance Explosion and LOVES it!!  We can't wait until her first recital in December!!  Evan has become Daddy's little hunting buddy and LOVES it!!  He started off with dove hunting and moved on to deer hunting.  Emma went once and was too loud and couldn't be still so she isn't allowed to go anymore!! :)  Evan will sit for hours! They usually go hunting on Monday afternoons while me & Emma go to dance!! We found out we were going to get a new nephew in April!!  Yes...Alison was as surprised as we were!!  We are so excited about that!!  We've been to several football games and we went apple picking.  We have been to numerous birthday parties and have several more within the next few weeks...including Emma & Evan's!!  Party planning is WELL underway!  We are excited to be celebrating WESTERN style this year!!  We went to the pumpkin patch with Emma & Evan's classes at school and had a 50's party at school as well.  Just so happens that for Halloween this year...I had bought E&E 50's costumes so we were well prepared for the 50's day at school!!  Just last week we took a surprise trip the State Fair and had a great time.  Not only has life with E&E been exciting but things at work have been exciting too!!  Davis & Floyd is FINALLY getting a make-over!!  We have been in remodel mode since August.  Two weeks ago we got to move back into our new space!! All the orange 70's carpet is gone!!  It's all new, even all of our furniture,  and looks so much better!!  Things are finally looking up for me there!!  More on that to come at a later date!!  We really have been busy and we have some really exciting things planned for E&E over the next few months.  You'll have to stayed tuned and I will try to do better about blogging!!  There was no way I could share pictures of all our events over the last 6 months so I'll end with one of the pictures we took of Emma & Evan for their birthday party!! 
They sure keep us busy but seeing these two smiling faces...makes it so much fun!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Springtime is here!!

Well, life is happening right before our very eyes!! We have been busy!  Last time I updated...Justin had won tickets to the rodeo in Ward. So, we debated all Friday if we were going or not because it was supposed to rain that night. We finally decided to go and it worked out good. Meg, Aaron, and Warren went with us. It drizzled rain the majority of the time but we never got wet. It was crazy!! Evan loved the bulls. Since we were on the front row, Bryan called out Emma & Evan. So the other clown came over to talk to them and that was it for Emma. She stayed with Janice at the gate the rest of the night. I'm not a fan of dressed up people either, so I didn't blame her.  Abbey took Evan back to see the bulls and he came back just in time to see Warren ride the mechanical bull.  We tried to get Evan to ride because all he has talked about was riding a horse...but he wouldn't even attempt it. I also tried to convince Justin to ride but no such luck. Here are a few pictures from our night!
This picture makes my sweeties look so grown!!

No one would look at the camera at the same time!

These two boys watching the bulls!

My sweet girl before the clown scared her!!

Saturday, Evan's ball game was cancelled due to rain. So, Emma and I met Kayla and Lillianna at Chick-Fil-A for a princess party.  She loved the princesses and getting dressed up but she HATED the cow.  I almost wished I hadn't ever told her the cow was behind her but I think it would have been worse for her to see it on her own! Again...she doesn't like anything dressed up. We had a fun time getting the girls together though.
All dressed up ready to go!

Emma & me with two of the princesses.  She wouldn't stand with them by herself!

And of course...we had ice cream!!

While we were there...Justin took Evan out for lunch and to Connie Maxwell to see the animals.  He loved it!!  On to this past weekend. We planned to go to the zoo during spring break and that didn't happen. We planned to go the following Friday and Justin's grandmas funeral was that day...so we finally got to go this past Friday. The weather was perfect and although there were a lot of school kids there...it was a great day! Here are a couple pictures of our trip!
Packed and ready for the Zoo!!

Alison, Reid, & momma went with us!!  It was Reid's first trip and he was a perfect little angel the whole time!!

All the picnic tables were full with school kids...we we just had a picnic in the trunk!  Reid even sat back there with the big kids and thought he was something big!!  They are going to be so close with Reid & Laney!!

My sweet girl!!  I have to include what she told my mom while we were at the zoo.  We were looking at the tigers and she informed my mom that the tiger was a cheetah.  My mom told her no that was a tiger.  She again insisted it was a cheetah.  And my mom told her no it was a tiger.  She replied MaMa...it may look like a tiger but it is really a cheetah!  There is no point to argue with her little hard head!! It did make us smile though.  

Reid wasn't sure about this gorilla!!  

And my big boy!!  He loved it all!!

And we rode the carousel there before we left.  Reid even loved it.  He grinned the whole time!!

And then...this Saturday, Evan's game was cancelled again due to rain! So, we met Lauren & Colby for lunch at Chick-Fil-A and headed to the movies! We had to ride the carousel first though! Lauren took a picture because Evan & Colby were on the same horse but she forgot to send it to me.  Emily, Lauren's niece, was at the mall with her brother while we were there and she wanted to ride too.  So, since there are only three horses on the carousel...we had to make do and Colby wanted to ride with Evan instead of with Emily.  So, if she ever sends it...I will have to post it!  We saw the movie "Home". It was good! Emma did great for her first trip to the movies.  They all had a good time I think. Saturday night we kept Laney for Katie & Matt while they were went to the Dancing with the Stars function in Greenwood.  We had so much fun with her!!  She loves Emma and Emma loves her!!  I can't believe that sweet baby will be one soon!!  That makes aunt Marcie a little sad!! These last two pictures don't have anything to do with anything but I had to share them.  One afternoon this week Justin cut our grass.  While he was cutting E&E went and got on their cars.  After Justin was finished they all raced around the yard.  Don't worry...Justin had the blades off.

And this picture of Emma makes me smile.  She can in our room like this one afternoon pretending to write a prescription on her pad from her doctor's kit.  This is where the glasses came from too.

She may just be a doctor one day!! :)  Oh the fun we have with these two!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter...and a few other updates!

Well, I am trying to play catch-up so this blog post may get a little long!!  Let's start with Easter.  Saturday night before Easter on Sunday...we made the Resurrection cookies with Emma and Evan.  They loved being able to help and it was a great way to tell the Easter story to them.  I have a million pictures from that process but I will just post one of my favorites! They love to help cook!

Sunday morning, they got up and the first thing Emma wanted to do was go open the stove to see her cookies.  They didn't rise like they were supposed to...but we were still able to tell them about the empty tomb.  Then, we went to see if the Easter bunny had visited and he had!!  He brought Emma & Evan a sidewalk paint set, new flip flops, new hats and new cups. 
So, they were pretty happy!

They really just wanted to paint!  We all got dressed and attempted picture time before we headed to church.  Picture time isn't fun anymore!  They like to make silly faces and not be serious so that isn't fun when you want a good picture. 
This is the best I could get!  I will take it though!! 

After church we went to my mom's for lunch.  We took family pictures, had an Easter egg hunt, and enjoyed each other!
Our little family!

Us girls with our babies!!

All the grandkids!

The Easter bunny came to MaMa's too!

Then, we headed to Justin's aunts house for an Easter Egg Hunt with all of them.  Emma & Evan had a good time playing with everyone.  There were four puppies there...so Evan was in Heaven!
One of my sweet boy with this puppy!  

Most of the kids at the egg hunt!

This picture just makes me smile!! 

This past weekend we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt with our friends.  Several people weren't able to come but it was a good turnout!  The weather was supposed to be sunny and warm...it was cool and cloudy!  But I think the kids had a good time.  I know mine did!  I thought Alison was taking pictures and she didn't know she was supposed to be...so my pictures from that are limited!! I will share what I have.  It is a fun tradition we look forward to every year!!
The kids getting ready to go!

Lillianna & Farris wanted to play instead of find eggs!

Patton & Brantley are hunting hard!

Warren decided to join the crowd!

And Evan just wanted to play with a cricket!!

Emma & Bennett swinging!!  Yes...she is in the baby swing!

In other Turner news...we have been super busy!  Justin took Evan to the bull-riding last weekend.  Evan had a ball!!  I stayed home with Emma.  Abbey Hope's boyfriend took Evan down to see the bulls.

He loves it and has talked about the bulls and horses non-stop since.  Good thing too because Justin won tickets to the bull-riding this coming weekend in Ward.  So, we are looking forward to going again!! Meg won tickets too so they are going with us!  Evan has another baseball game on Saturday.  He says he is going to play this time because it isn't cold...so we shall see!  I am taking Emma to a princess party at Chick-Fil-A Saturday with Kayla and Lillianna!  Emma is so excited to wear her Frozen dress!  I'm sure there will be pictures of that to come!!  Our pool is coming along!!  It is finished and full of water!!

Since the weather this week was nothing but rain all week...our plan is to pour the concrete next week!  I am so excited about that.  Darnell is going to re-do our deck as soon as the concrete is set.  He is going to put us in a new set of stairs and re-do all the hand rails on the deck.  We will be completely finished in just a few weeks!!  The rain may have postponed the concrete but it sure helped fill up the pool FAST!!  We also had fun painting with our sidewalk paint!!  A little too much fun!!
This child is something else!!

I told you this post was going to be a long one!!  We've had a lot going on!!  I will try to post pictures of our weekend activities soon!!  Hope you all have a good weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2015

I'm ready to go home...

This should be my Easter post full of pictures of my sweet babies and that will come but tonight's post is going to be a little different! As I type, Justin is on his way to the hospital to probably say one final goodbye to his grandma. The doctors say it could be anytime now. She hasn't been in good health for a while and had just recently been moved to a nursing home until she took this turn for the worst. Justin's dad called us yesterday and told us how bad it had gotten. Justin's brother and his wife were here in town so we all took off to the hospital.  One hospital room with 1 patient, 16 visitors, and numerous nurses and doctors in and out made for an exciting visit. His grandma was awake and aware that we were there. She was even able to call us all by name...even the five great grandkids! At one point during the visit, it ended up just being the 9 of us and one of Justin's aunts in the room. I was talking to her while Jason & Ashley tried to control all our kids! :) I looked over and Justin was talking with his grandma and I could tell he was crying. I later found out that she was telling him that she knew she was ready to go home now.  What I didn't know was that Justin had a part in her knowing for sure she was saved! Several months back, she was in the hospital and wasn't doing good. I knew Justin had gone to see her one time without me but I didn't know until last night what happened during that visit. Justin is not one to talk about salvation with others! I truly believe he is a believer but he doesn't talk about it with others. He'll get there one day! However, during this visit, they were talking and Justin just flat out asked her if she was saved. To look at the life she'd lived...most would guess she wasn't.  But who are we to judge??? She told Justin that day that she was...but I believe something happened between that day and yesterday to make her know she's now ready to leave this Earth! And I really think Justin had something to do with that!! Why would she bother telling him again that's she was ready if she'd already told him before??? Those words she spoke to him yesterday gave him an indescribable peace about the whole situation. He no longer has worry about where she is spending eternity!! She even asked if we would pray with her. She actually asked Jason, Justin's brother, and he didn't want to, so I agreed to do it for him. We all gathered around her bed and held hands and just prayed for her.  None of her sons were in the room. It was just one daughter-in-law and our two families. Not many people have their grandchildren and great-grandchildren gathered around their bed praying for them as they prepare to leave this Earth! It wasn't how we had planned to spend our Easter but it was so rewarding. Most people know Justin's dad and know he's never had much of any kind of relationship with Justin. Justin's parents divorced when he was 9 months old. I can probably count on my hands the number of times we've been around his dad. We did use to go play bingo with his grandma on Friday nights! That was a unusual "date" for high schoolers! It was quite fun though! And I can tell you, his dad has only seen Emma & Evan three times in their entire life. Part of me feels guilty for not reaching out to him more and part of me is just mad that he doesn't care! I just can't comprehend how you just aren't part of your children's lives. But again...that's not my place to judge. He's the one missing out! But anyways...back to my topic! We've been studying about being intentional with our time on this earth in bible study! I've really tried to grasp onto that and make the most of the time we are given. We've started reaching out to others in hopes of maybe one day witnessing to them or just trying to witness to them through our lives and the fruit we bear.  There is so much hatred, and jealousy, and ugliness in this world...that we need to be stand apart from! We are called to be the light in the darkness or rather to share the light in the darkness! Because if we don't the whole Easter story and what Jesus did to save all of us would have been for nothing!  He died for us...the least we can do is live for Him!!

P.S.- They did take a picture of Justin and Jason standing beside her bed with all of the kids! I'd hoped to be able to share that picture but Jason has it on his phone and hasn't sent it to Justin yet. I'll get it thought!! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Our 8th Anniversary...

This past Tuesday Justin and I celebrated 8 years of being married.  I got out our wedding album and it seems like just yesterday we are planning for one of the most exciting days of our lives!  When I think about all the things we have been through in just 8 short years...I can only imagine what exciting things the next 8 years will hold.  I know I say it a lot but I don't know what I would do without Justin.  I think God gave him to me just because He knew I would need someone like Justin.  He is the COMPLETE opposite of me.  He likes to have fun, he hates a plan, a messy house doesn't bother him in the least, he has no worries, he likes to try new things, he doesn't know how to tell people no, he will hunt anything and every thing that walks!!, he loves kids, he is a people person, he has become a tight-wad (I'll admit that is just like me!!) but he wasn't like this when we got married!!  Even thought this list seems long...I would trade him for the world.  Together we are a great team!!  He helps me to loosen up and I would like to think I help him be a little more serious and put together!!  Even though I listed a lot of things he isn't...there are so many things that he is!! The ones that mean the most are that he's a loving husband and father!! With all the things going on in the world today...finding these two qualities in a guy are rare. He's far from perfect but to our little family...he's as close as he can get!! We don't have lots of fancy things and we live a pretty simple life...but we are content! We try to enjoy what God has given us and be appreciative! I sure appreciate my sweetheart!! We planned to go out for supper to celebrate our anniversary. E&E were just going to go with us. A friend of mine texted me Tuesday afternoon and asked what's our plans were. When I told her, she asked if she could keep E&E while we went out. I was a little nervous about it because we've never left them with anyone that wasn't family. But, we agreed and they had a great time. They played, ate supper, decorated cupcakes, and really seemed to have a good time! A night out by ourselves for supper sure was nice.  I intended to take a picture and that didn't happen so this will be a picture less blog post! Here's to many many more years together!!

The Pool is UnDeRwAy!!!!

So, rain or shine the guy digging our pool was coming this past Monday!  He planned to be at our house at 2:00.  When I got home at 2:45...he was working away!  I later found out our pool was the 3rd pool he dug on Monday and one of those pools was in Georgia!!  That man knew what he was doing!!

Tuesday, all of our supplies were delivered and the plan was to get started on Wednesday.  Wednesday they showed up and put up the pool walls and put in the concrete footer.

Today, they ran all the plumbing and back filled the pool...which just means they put the dirt back around the outside of the pool!

The liner wasn't shipped with the rest of the pool supplies so they put a rush on it and it should arrive tomorrow.  Steve plans to come on Saturday and put the liner in.  Once that happens we will have to fill the pool half way with water and let the bottom of the pool set.  Then the plan is to come in Monday or Tuesday of next week and to pour the concrete around the pool.  After that we will tear down the rails on our existing deck and replace that and add the new steps that will come out to the pool...and it will be finished.  Or Steve's part will be finished.  We will have to pressure wash and stain the deck, put together my new furniture, and if I can convince Justin work on a building an outside kitchen!!  Yeah...that last one is still in the negotiation process...but I am working on him!!  Evan has sure enjoyed climbing on the mound of dirt we have in our backyard!!

Although it will be a while before we can swim...we are getting excited!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

T-ball has started...what an adventure!!

We have officially started t-ball.  Our second practice was rained out and third practice went better than the first one did.  Evan actually played and did what he was supposed to do!
Saturday was his first game.  It did not go well!  Evan wouldn't do anything.  He was all ready Saturday morning and then we got to the game and he did nothing!  All he would say is he was cold and he wanted to go home.  He did hit one time but he didn't want to run the bases or anything else.  But he sure looked cute!!  I told Justin I took care of my part...he just needs to work on his part!  Evan says he wants to keep playing so we will see if the next game goes better!  Here are a couple pictures I took before the game!!

I wanted me a cute shirt to wear and since we have been making a big deal about Evan and all I wanted to do something special for Emma...so I got her a shirt too!!  She was excited to wear her new shirt and support Evan.  It was funny because all along I would tell Emma we were going to be the cheerleaders and Evan would tell us he didn't want us cheering for him.  We could clap but that was all he would allow.  He does not like attention!!  He gets that from his momma!!  Saturday night Lacey Pileggi had a surprise party for Jeremy!  He turned the big 3-0!!  The party was at Ashley Walker's and they had a big turnout!!  Only thing was Jeremy was late to his own surprise party!  He had been in Columbia with Jayden at the Sportsman event going on and then went by Sam & Kitty Stewart's house to shoot bows and they couldn't get him to leave.  It was priceless to see his face when he pulled up though.  I love a good surprise!!  So, we had fun celebrating with them!!  In other Turner news...the guy is coming tomorrow to start on our pool!  With all this rain, they have tried to start three times and had to postpone it.  So, looks like there will be no turning back after 2:00 tomorrow.  With rain coming on Tuesday & Thursday...it looks like they will be pumping water out of this massive hole they are about to dig in our backyard!!  Justin got out there on the bob cat this afternoon and got the last of the deck gone.  He let E&E ride around with him and they loved it.

Our yard is going to be a t-total mess for a while.  I have just already accepted that!!  So, stay tuned for more t-ball updates and progress pictures of the pool!