Thursday, September 18, 2014

What a vacation

Well, vacation is over and what a week we had!  September is the most PERFECT time to go to the beach.  Several times we were the only ones out on the beach. 
Nothing is better than having the whole beach to yourself!! Granted one of those times it was raining but when you are stuck inside someone else's house with two two-year-olds who have as much energy as mine just go outside and play in the rain.  We were going to get wet anyway...right??  So, instead of giving you a play by play of our week...I will just share some pictures!  We were so glad most all of the family was able to join us for the trip.  Nick didn't get to come and Alison & Reid left on Thursday but we got to love on that sweet baby for a few days!  And of course we got to play with sweet little Laney!  The weather was mid-80's most days and cloudy.  It really only rained on Monday and then a couple nights after we were in for the night.  Like I said it was perfect weather!
I had to share this picture because these kids travel beds were the perfect thing for Emma & Evan to sleep in!  They loved them!

Uncle Matt telling Daddy about the big hole he planned to dig! 

And the major digging begins!

And then Daddy takes a turn!

And the final product!  It was definitely a BIG hole!  

Miss Priss showing off her monogrammed hat!  Yes...made by her mother!

Daddy & Uncle Matt working on the most difficult puzzle ever!  We always work a puzzle and this year my mom bought a round 700 piece puzzle!  No fear...Matt, momma, & myself worked it like champs!  Justin & Katie helped a little. 

Isn't this the most crazy puzzle.  Next year...I am buying the puzzle!

 Jumping waves with Aunt Katie and telling PaPa all about the beach!

Figuring out the most perfect time to fill their watering buckets and the nice little shark the little boy right next to us caught!  Needless to say...Emma & Evan weren't allowed in the water anymore past their knees!  I'm afraid to know where this little guys momma was!  

Playing with Daddy and in the sand!!   

Me with my sweeties!  Ignore the hot mess I am!!

Going for a walk with MaMa & PaPa!

The beautiful sunrise!  Nothing compares to watching the sunrise out over the ocean while listening to How Great Thou Art playing.  It was one of my most favorite parts of this vacation!

So more playing time with Daddy, PaPa, Katie, & Matt!

And while Laney slept...Aunt Katie played with the big kids!

This was pre-shark fun!  

And of course our routine feeding of the birds!  They loved my cheese puffs!

Taking a little snack break!

And the two little ones napping on the beach!  Reid is about to catch Laney!!


Nothing makes me happier than to see my sweet babies happy and enjoying life!  They are such blessings to us!!

 And of course our routine family photo's! 

As bad as I hate to say it... we may have a future soccer player...or football kicker on our hands!

And I'll end with this sweetness!  I sure hope they stay close forever!

What a great time Vacation 2014 was!!

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