Sunday, November 4, 2012

Two little pumpkins...sitting on the porch!

As the title hints...our sweeties were PUMPKINS for Halloween.  I figured they wouldn't be too cooperative with a fancy costume or really anything on their we went for the pumpkins costume.  Much to my surprise they kept the hats on most of the night.  Of course during the car ride from house to house...they were immediately taken off...but while at each house they didn't seem to notice the hats were on!  I had the babies fed and dressed & our supper ready when Justin got home.  We ate real quick, took a few pictures and headed out.  We went to Justin's parents, Katie's, Alison's, & back to my parents.  Those were our only stops and it took us almost 4 hours.  They all live in different directions!  Next year, I decided that they are all coming to me instead!!  E&E did very well to have been in the car so long and to have been up way past their normal bedtime!  Anyways...enjoy the pictures!!  I already know what they are going to be next will just have to continue following to see what they will be!! :)

Sweet little Emma!

My Little Pumpkins!

Sweet little Evan!!

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